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Saturday, 2 December 2017

How To Overcome Fear.

There is a natural tendency in every human to become anxious and
fearful, particularly when confronted with an unpleasant situation.
There are different kinds of fear, and a lot of people fear different
things, which is like a phobia, that is the fear of a particular
thing. Fear comes from diverse sources. Some people becomes fearful
when they're jittery about the future, which is fear of the unknown,
some have phobia for other things they can see around them. Some fear
falling from height, some have phobia for large volume of water, some
have phobia for different things. There is another kind of fear
created by satan himself in the mind of people. That is the fear of
God, when we go against his will like Adam and Eve in the garden of
Eden. But this isn't the kind of fear i'm talking about, as it can
only be overcomed when we always in right standing with God. But in
this post, i'm talking about fear of the unknown and phobia for the
things we see but are yet to experience them. A lot of people have
allowed fear of the future and phobia for different things to hold
them back from succeeding in life. Fear is like a mirage, something
that looks like it's there but when you go closer, you discover it's
not, and the more closer you go, the farther it gets from you, that is
fear. 'FEAR' means;false experiences appearing real. Fear are false
experiences that appears to be real, but they are definitely not real.
The only anti-dote to overcome fear, is to become to confront that
thing you're afraid of. If you've got phobia for height, try climbing
a storey building, you can start with one storey, increase it to two,
then three and so on, before you'd realize it the fear of height will
leave you. If you're afraid of the future, the only way to overcome
it, is to get out there and start facing your future. Always endeavour
to confront that thing you fear, don't allow it to confront you first,
face it, and the fear will vanish. Another way to conquer fear is to
free your mind from all worries and anxiety. Have a clean mind, always
do the right things and be conscious of your mood. Your fears are not
real but you make them appear real when you don't confront them.

Friday, 1 December 2017

How To Overcome Anger.

Every human being has the propensity towards anger. Infact, there's no
one without an iota of anger especially when we encounter some
unfavourable situations in life. Anger is natural in humans because of
the hormone called adrenalin which is produced by the adrenal glands
in our body. However, anger is a major problem in some people because
they find if very difficult to control it. It has become a major
weakness in some people, and has undoubtedly affected their
relationship with others. Uncontrolled anger can be very devastating
because, at the point you're angery, you're no longer in control of
your actions, you'll be acting based on your emotions. You need to
learn how to control anger and probably, overcome the tendency to get
angry. The first step to overcome anger is to, be very conscious of
your mood. Watch your mood very carefully, at the point you noticed a
particular situation wants to make you feel bad, sit down and take 3
deep breathe in and out. Don't rush into taking actions, ask yourself
certain questions like, does this challenge worth my angry reaction?
And before you know it, that anger would had waned and you'd discover
that there's no point being angry in the first place. When you do this
anytime there's a tendency to get angry, you'll gradually be on your
way to overcoming anger.

Thursday, 30 November 2017

The only way to overcome problems and challenges is to have a positive mindset!

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

How To Interest A Woman Rather Than Impress Her.

A lot of men think they can make a woman fall for them or be in their whims and caprices by impressing or flattering her. Sorry, Let me burst your bubbles! You can't get a woman to be at your beck and call by impressing her. When you impress a woman, you're only getting her for the short term. The problem with impressing a woman is that, you have to always think of new tricks to keep always keep her interested in you. The man who impresses a woman to woo her is a magician or must be one. Since he must always think of new tricks to keep her closer, so what happens when there are no more new tricks to make her feel impressed? But the man who "intrests" a woman is a painter. He paints beautifully that a person stares in awe. And each passing day, it remains beautiful and everyone that sees the painting, knows that it is a genuine beauty. When you interest a woman, rather than impress her, you'll get her addicted to you and you don't need to struggle to keep her close to you for a very longtime. This is because she see's you as being genuine and you also make her feel moderately happy and complete. Now, how do you interest a woman? You can interest a woman by "being yourself" don't fake who you are. You can interest her in the way you talk to her. "Say the right things to her at the right time". "Listen to her when she speaks". "Let her learn new things that can improve her personal, spiritual, academic and career life from you". "Lookout for something special about her to compliment her for". Rather than compliment her on her beauty, which she knows already because she gets a lot of such compliments from different men. You can compliment her on her outfit, her makeup, hairdo, her shoes or the way she talks. She'll appreciate these compliments more, rather than the ones she's used to. The bottomline is to, prove to her that you're different from other men. To interest a woman, always be genuine and be your real self. Endeavour to be the best person you can be to her. "It pays more to interest a woman rather than impress her".

Sunday, 11 October 2015

How To Naturally Last 5 Minute Longer During Sex As A Man.

Are you tired of your partner always complain about your quick ejaculation whenever you make love to her as a man? Or you probably feel depressed and ashamed of yourself whenever it comes to having sex with your partner because of your inability to last five minute longer and give her that needed satisfaction and excitement? You don't need to feel discouraged and depressed because a lot of men also suffers from quick ejaculation, but you need to get the right knowledge and apply it to get out of that situation. Sex is meant to be enjoyed by both partners, but a situation where one partner always complains of not enjoying it because of quick ejaculation, it definitely will threaten the survival of the relationship or possibly lead to infidelity if it eventually continues. Studies have shown that women takes a longer time to reach orgasm than men, hence you need to last a little bit more longer on bed as a man to make her have the least sexual excitement and satisfaction. However, some women orgasms very easily, and this entails understanding the physiology of the woman's body and being able to pinpoint what makes her easily reach her sexual pinnacle. Satisfying a woman sexually, does not necessarily mean she must always orgasm everytime you have sex. It means making her enjoy every moment you spend on bed with her each time you have sex. And this cannot happen if you find it difficult to last extra five minutes while having sex with her. Women enjoys sex more when you last longer on bed with them, the more you go in and out for a longer time, the more you build up their excitement until they eventually climax. This is why a whole lot of women cheats on their partner and some will prefer a man who satisfies them sexually, despite how good looking, rich or famous you are. When it comes to sex, women needs the best of sexually active men to satisfy their sexual urge. A healthy and sexually active man is expected to last an average of about 10-15 minutes during every sexual intercourse. But it is very appaling that a lot of men do not even go past 5minutes before ejaculation. If you're one of such men, please take this post very seriously and begin to observe the recommendations i'm going to give, so that you can overcome quick ejaculation. Do you want to conquer premature ejaculation and last that extra five minutes longer during sexual intercourse? If you answered 'YES' to this question, then read on to discover natural remedies you can apply to make that happen. Without being oblivious of the fact that a lot of people have recommended various tips and remedies to premature ejaculation, and some have also proposed various herbs and substances you can take to last longer whenever you want to have sex. Some of them probably worked, and some did not. One important fact you must understand is that any prescription on how to remedy the challenge of quick ejaculation that does not follow some natural rules will never give you a final solution, such recommendations is only for the interim. Which means you must always go back to taking those substances each time you want to have sex. Sometimes, these substances have after effects if addicted to. From my studies and observations, i discovered that quick or premature ejaculation is more or less as a result of the state of your mind and your emotions prior to the real sexual intercourse. It is not biological or natural that you easily ejaculate during sex with your partner. It has to do with your emotions before the act. Hence you need to have a fully developed emotions in order to make your sex life worthwhile. If you always feel very anxious, unduly perturbed or jittery i.e sexual anxiety some minutes before the actual sexual intercourse, then quick ejaculation is inevitable. If you also always allow the sexual imaginations, feeling and emotions to innundate all your thoughts or you get too excited before or during the act, then you'll orgasm very easily because all your emotions are attached. The remedy for these, is to learn to always discipline and control your emotions, have an open mind and avoid getting too excited either before or during love making. Another way you can overcome quick ejaculation is to have sex frequently with your partner in other to reduce the over-excitement each time you want to engage in it. Having sex frequently will make you last longer on bed. The more sex you have, the longer you'll last as your emotions will be adjusting to it. This makes you always be in control and in charge, and decide when you want to ejaculate. Rather than your emotions always dictating when you're to orgasm, until you begin to be in charge during sex and not allow your emotions to control you, you'll always find it difficult lasting 5 minutes longer on bed. Different people have diverse opinions about masturbation and some are averse to it. Regular masturbation is bad, but masturbating the right way, holding on when you're about to orgasm can delay ejaculation.

Monday, 13 April 2015

How To Develop Confidence In Handling Your Challenges.

You need confidence to be able to successfully handle and overcome your challenges. Click on the link below to discover how you can build or boast your confidence. It will run a whole gamut of human race if all bloggers were to write down their thoughts on how you can build or develop your confidence. But there are no hard and fast rules to developing your confidence. The secret is in doing. The only secret to developing confidence in handling your challenges is in more challenges you're confronted with. The more challenges you face in life, the more you confidence level grows. You need to always welcome challenges as they come, and strategize on the best way to overcome them. For every challenge you're able to confront and overcome, the closer you are to the zenith of success in life. Until you pass your exams in class one as a student, you can never go to class two. And before you cross over to class two, you must have gone through a whole lots of things in class one. The little challenge you're able to come face to face with, and overcome today, prepares you for a greater task ahead. Again, there are no hard and fast rules to developing confidence in handling challenges. The secret is in welcoming those challenges or tasks as they come, and devise every means of tackling and overcoming them. "Success is like pregnancy, everybody comes to rejoice with you when you've been delivered of the baby, but nobody knows how many times you were fucked, battered and tormented before you got there".

Saturday, 4 April 2015

How To Revolutionize Yourself.

Revolution comes through the desire to effect changes, and the need to make life more conducive to live in. It is borne out of the zeal to put things in proper perspectives and bring about positive changes. Wherever, revolution takes place, the result is usually some positive changes that will make things better. Hence, self-revolution is borne out of the burning desire and passion to change from your negative lifestyles, attitudes and habits to the positive ones, that will make you feel happy and fulfilled in life. Without the passion, zest and enthusiasm for change, self revolution cannot take place in your life. You must be tired of your present deplorable state of life, and come to the realization that you actually need a change in your life, before you can revolutionize yourself. This is the first step you need to take for self revolution to occur in your life. Desire a change in your life. Now, lets consider the processes involved in revolutionizing yourelf .First, you must take stock of every aspect of your life, and discover areas where you obviously need a change. Remember, this stock taking process must be whole, and must spread through all aspects of your life, physically, emotionally, psychologically, sexually, in your relationship with people, in your career, academically and in terms of achieving your dreams, you need to discover what always hold you back from achieving your desires. Take stock of your life, discover the appalling attitudes, bad habits misdemeanours, inordinate lifestyles, underdeveloped emotions, lack of self-esteem, poor interpersonal relationships and everything that makes life very uninteresting to you, hinders you from adding value to life, and inimical to others around you. The second point is that, you must come to the conscious realization of the emptiness of your life. You must realize how empty and worthless your life has been with all the negativities that surrounds it. Reflect on your past and compare it with the present, is it really worth it? Has it taken you forward and closer to achieving your dreams? Or has it taken you backwards or kept you stagnant? You need to realize your past and present state of life and ask yourself if it is really the kind of life you want to live. Also ask yourself, if what you're doing presently or your present life's condition, with all the bad habits and underdevelopments, is capable of taking you to your desired destination of living a fulfilled and happy life. Because, whatever you're doing today, will definitely determine what and where you'll be tomorrow. You must make conscious effort to realize how empty and worthless your life has been all the while, which will propel the desire for change in you. Revolution comes as a result of necessity and the need for change. And until you realize that the present state of things in your life is unacceptable and far from being the best for you, you can never change things, and you'll remain the same. After you've realized and recognized how worthless your life has been, and you have the desire to break free from all those hindrances to your success, then, it is time to take practical action steps to revolutionize, re-discover and re-invent yourself. Desire without action cannot produce any result. Your desire for self revolution must be backed up by decision and determination. You must follow the 4 D's of success to able to achieve your desire for self revolution. Desire, Decision, Determination and Diligence are the 4 D's of success. Desire is the first step, which you already have. It is decision and determination that will propel and motivate you to take action, while diligence will produce the result. You must take some action steps to achieve your desire of revolutionizing yourself and effect positive changes in your life. No one will do it for you, you alone must desire it, decide, be determined and diligently follow it through. Hence, this blog is intended to help you achieve your desire for self revolution and live a life that will add value to the world. Always come back to read new posts on this blog as it is updated frequently, touching every aspects of life that affects you.

Friday, 3 April 2015

The Meaning Of Self Revolution.

Revolution takes place in every facets of life and human endeavour. Like the industrial revolution which saw the emergence and the development of the industrial and energy sectors in the 70's and early 80's. This revolution in the industrial sector made the accessibilty of energy very easy in the world, eventhough, the world's energy reserve is dwindling today, coupled with some inherent challenges of climate change and global confronting the entire globe. These challenges had forced different countries of the world to begin to look into alternative sources of energy, develop new sources of energy, especially the renewable energy. However, it was the industrial revolution that gave rise to the discovery of various sources of energy and made energy easily accessible. Similarly, after the industrial revolution, came the technological revolution in the early 90's until today. The technological revolution consequently gave birth to what we call the ICT age and the internet today. It is also the basis for technological development and advancement in the world. And more recently, is the Social media revolution, which is also a product of the technological revolution. It is undoubtedly obvious that the social media revolution has indeed changed and revolutionized the way business is done online, and made connection with anyone in any part of the world easier. As you can see, revolution brings about change and facilitates development wherever it is effected. Hence, Self revolution like every other revolution is intended to bring about positive change and also enhance self development and improvement in any area of life. However, self revolution is distinct from other types of revolution in the sense that, while other revolutions are initiated by some external forces or other people, which you may not necessarily be part of. Self revolution is a revolution initiated and effected by you alone. In this case, self revolution means self re-discovery and re-invention. It means revolutionizing your thinking, your thoughts, your character, habits, lifestyle, actions, sex life, relationship with people, career and everything that makes you a fulfilled and complete human both inwardly and outwardly. Self revolution is a process of re-discovering yourself in other to effect some changes in your lifestyle and attitude. Every human needs self revolution. Just like the industrial, technological and social media revolution, which had brought some changes in the world and improved our well-being, in terms of making life very comfortable for us. Self revolution is individualistic in nature, because it must begin with you before it can spread to others. If we all can revolutionize our lifestyle, attitudes towards ourselves and the environment, our thoughts, relationship with others, and everything that affects us and our environment, then the world will be a better place for everyone of us to live in . You need to revolutionize your thinking and thoughts towards achieving your dreams for it to be actualized, you need to revolutionize how you relate with people in other to have a better relationship, you need to also revolutionize your mind, so that you can move forward in life and break free from every negative things that has been holding you back. You need self revolution to be able to live the happy life you've always desired to live. Without self revolution, you'll probably be not able to achieve your dreams, impact positively on the lives of others and add value to life. If you desire changes in your lifestyle, you must begin by revolutionizing yourself. Please Post Your Comment.

Monday, 30 March 2015

How To Discover The Sleeping Giant Within You.

Are you wondering what sleeping giant you've got inside you? Or you're probably finding it very difficult identifying the sleeping giant within you? Well, you don't have to worry about that, because it is very easy to identify or recognize the sleeping giant inside you, but the difficult thing is waking it up, unleashing, and letting it produce the desire result of climbing to the zenith of success. A lot of people are always conscious of the fact that they've got a sleeping giant lying perpetually dormant inside them, but how to awaken the giant and unleashing it for their quest for success remains a huge challenge, and this has obviously stalled their success and break-throughs in life. But for others, they even find it very difficult recognizing that sleeping giant in them, they try a whole lots of things but cannot really ascertain their real passion, talent or area of direction in life, and they find themselves getting bored when their endeavours are not yielding any result of encouragement to them and they eventually abandon whatever they've begun. This attitude also keeps their success static and they find them-selves always on the same level. How do you identify the sleeping giant in you? I don't know. You're the only one that can know better the potentials that lies inside you. But, it is not enough to recognize the sleeping giant in you, but to awaken, unleash and consistently nurture it by putting it work. But how do you recognize this sleepin giant? Again, i said i don't know. I don't know the sleeping giant in you, but i can only recommend 3 key ways you can use to discover that sleeping giant in you. If you can adopt these three remedies, i can assure you of discovering that giant within you in no distant time. The first important way of discovering that sleeping giant is to, "Discover Your Passion". What is passion? Or what are you passionate about? Your passion is something you just desire and love doing without anyone there to compel you to do it. It is something that makes you happy, feel fulfilled and complete even when no one seems to notice or appreciate you. Your passion is your hobby. Something you're very comfortable with, and you derive fulfilment and satisfaction from anytime you complete the task. It can be Blogging to share knowledge online, writing, teaching people, convincing someone to buy a product (salesmanship), music, arts, ICT and anything you have passion and affinity for, needs to be developed through patience and consistency for it to grow overtime and become visible to the world. This is one way you can discover & awaken that sleeping giant within you. The second is take up challenges, and also welcome challenges. Don't try to run away from challenges coming to you, no matter how great or small they may be always stand and confront them. Because therein, may lie that sleeping giant which will eventually awaken to inspire you to victory. Don't be idle, try your hands on a whole lot of things whether they're convienent for you or not. Because in not being idle, you'll certainly discover something that will be useful to you, and gives you satisfaction & comfortability. Idleness and procrastinations are dream killers and success delayals. And when you discover that giant or great potential in you, put it to work immediately. Don't allow it rest or remain dormant. Consistently develop it through work, work and more work. The last point i want to recommend on recognizing your sleeping giant is to, ask your friends, attend motivational and inspirational seminars by various renowned thought leaders and motivational speakers. This can actually help you to discover your potential faster and awaken that sleeping giant within. However, it is not enough listening to motivational speakers or thought leaders, but you must endeavour to take some practical steps to actualize your dreams. Because no one can motivate you more than the extent you motivate yourself. Also ask three to five of your close friends to write down ten things about you, about your strengths and weaknesses, your character, passion, your attitude to work, infact your temperament. Then evaluate yourself based on their observations, and compare some of their remarks about you. If three out of five of them say the same thing about you, then you can easily figure out the area your strengths lies, which can also awaken the sleeping giant within you. These are my 3 simple recommendations on how you can discover your sleeping giant.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

How Nigeria Can Get Her Elections Right.

On March 28, 2015, Nigeria conducted her fifth presidential and National Assembly general elections. After the truncation of the first democratic government of Shehu Shagari in 1984 by Gen. Muhammadu Buhari through a military Coup 'de' tat. Nigeria began to notice what could be regarded as a stable democracy from 1999 when the second electioneering process took place, and since then, it has been conducting her elections and operating a democratic government. Nigeria conducted elections in 1999, 2003, 2007, 2011, and presently 2015. It's important to emphasize that the elections from 1999-2011 were not without hitches and anomalies. The 2015 presidential and National Assembly general elections were not different from previous elections, where there were still some pockets of violence in some states, late arrival of election materials due to logistics challenges and some electoral malpractices. Although, there was a little improvement on the 2015 general election especially with the introduction of a card reading machine to accredit and authentic registered and eligible voters, as a way of curbing electoral malpractices. However, it was quiet unfortunate that there were myriad of complains by voters in various states that majority of the permanent voter card reader machines could not read the voters data on the card, while some machines could not authenticate the fingerprints of the voters. Worst of it, was that the card reader could not read the permanent voter card(PVC) of the president, Mr. Goodluck Jonathan. This development forced the chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, Prof. Attahiru Jega to rescind his resolve on using the facility. And he later gave instructions to presiding officers in every polling unit across the federation, to embark on manual accreditation in states affected by this negative development. However, there were reports from many states that the whole process was peaceful, and voting was done under a very free and fair atmosphere. Although, there were still some places where violence, late arrival of materials, and electoral malpractices were reported, for instance, in Rivers state South-South Nigeria, where the ruling party in the state and main opposition party in the country, were complaining bitterly and calling for the cancellation of the result in the state. This has always been the bane of elections in Nigeria. Anyone who have been following elections in Nigeria, will know that these things are always expected, and yesterday's election would not be an exception. There are no perfect elections anywhere and it will take some time to get it right. But for a democracy that has lasted for sixteen years, and this being the fifth consecutive general elections to be conducted in Nigeria, one should expect some near perfect elections that at least, will be devoid of logistics problems and electoral mis-normals. Hence, this post is intended to share with you how Nigeria can get her elections to be near-perfect. First, in getting our elections right, elections should be made to be part of our lives. The electorates should be made to understand that election is part of their everyday life and they always look forward to it. There should be enough enlightenment of the electorates on the need to participate and get involved in the electoral processes. The National Orientation Agency(NOA) should orientate and re-orientate the electorates about the principles of electioneering process. The rural people and those who are not privileged to get a formal education should be educated about elections. And all these should be started early, at the inception of any government and not when election is closer. So that people can be fully aware of the importance of elections. The second point i want to propose is that, citizens right and civil education in various primary and secondary schools should be thought effectively, with more emphasis on elections. This will also help the younger ones, and those who will attain the age of eighteen when it is time to conduct another election for a new dispensation to know what they're required to do during the election. My last point, is to the government and the body empowered by law to conduct elections. It is often said that early preparation preceeds good success. It is obvious that majority of the logistics problems encountered during election period is because of lack of proper or adequate preparation on the part of INEC. I was surprised to observe yesterday that an important body as INEC charged with the responsibility of conducting elections don't have enough vehicles of their own to convey their election materials to various states. They have to hire vehicles from road transporters to convey there materials, this is really appalling. The issue of the card readers should have been in place immediately after the 2011 election, and should have been used in previous state elections to ascertain their efficiency.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Realizing There's A Sleeping Giant In You.

Do you know there is a sleeping giant lying inside you that needs to be awaken to its full potential? And until it is awakened, you'll continue be like a toothless bulldog. But when it is awakened, it totally transforms you into that man you ought to be, and make you one of the great achievers of our time. You are not that giant yet, it is in you, sleeps with you, moves about with you and does everything with you. But it has not been awakened to its full potential. It's lying dormant in you, lazy, inactive, unambitious and lackadaisical, because you provide it with comfort and shelter. And it will continue to remain dormant, static and inactive until you decide and say enough is enough. That giant is in every human being, but it is quiet unfortunate that so many of this sleeping giants in a lot of persons have gone into extinction, because of inactivity. Do you know that the richest place on earth is the grave? Where a lot of giants are being buried and so many talents wasted, because they were never developed and unleashed for success. What makes you unique and powerful is not your physical appearance, your stature, status or background but that sleeping giant in you that needs to be awakened to perform wonders and add value to life. You are not an ordinary person, you have what it takes to accomplish extra-ordinary things in life, if only you can realize you've got a sleeping giant in you that needs to be awakened. Awaken it to achieve great things.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

How To Choose The Best Career That Fits Your Personality.

For a lot of persons, choosing a lifetime career can be one of the most challenging decision to take in life. As any mistake made in this stage of life can hamper your success in future. Your career makes you, and it is the totality of who you are as an individual. Hence, it must be carefully and conscientiously chosen in other to avoid been misrable in life. The question is, how do you choose a lifetime career that fits your personality? In choosing the best career that makes you feel fulfilled in life, you must take some important facts into consideration. First, take your temperament into consideration. This is very essential, because your temperament is the totality of who you are as a person. Temperament controls everything we do in life. How we act, our attitude towards work, how we drive, shop, clean our environment, relate with people, train our kids at home, our ambitions and virtually everything we do in life is informed by our temperament. You must know the temperament you belong before you can make the right choice in choosing your career. A good career that fits your personality must conform with your temperament. If your career is not in conformity with your temperament, it will be difficult for you to get to the zenith of your career. There are 4 different classes of temperament which every human being belongs. The 4 classes of temperaments includes: Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholy and Phlegmatic. These 4 classes of temperaments are further categorized into the "introverts" and "extroverts". Sanguine and cholerics are extroverts while melancholies and phlegmatics are introverts. They all have specific qualities and characteristics that informs their behaviours (Actions, inactions, and reactions). You certainly need to read more about the temperaments, so that you can have a clear understanding of them and also appreciate why you need to choose a career or vocational aptitude that is in agreement with your temperament. The next worst thing that can happen to a person after unemployment, is to have the wrong job or career. It is very incredible how a whole lot of people despise their job. Little wonder it becomes so boring to them after some years of being into it. And as technology advances, more people will discover that they are actually in the wrong career or vocation which they find themselves. Hence one way to avoid vocational frustration, or feeling like you're a roung peg in a square hole, is to know your temperament and its natural vocational possibilities. Then, find a job, career or profession that compliments it, and allows you to easily express your natural temperament characteristics. Lets take a quick look at the 4 classes of temperament and the best careers or vocations suitable for each of them. Lets start with the 'Sanguines'. Are you a sanguine? The world is obviously enriched by the sanguines with their cheeriness and charisma. The sanguines are predominantly extroverts hence, any career or vocation that tends to bring them out and closer to the people will be the best for them. They make excellent salesmen and they are more attracted to this profession than any other temperament. This is because the sanguines are so convincing that they can sell anything to you, even when you don't need it. In addition to being excellent salesmen, sanguines also makes excellent actors, comedians, entertainers and preachers. They are outstanding masters of ceremonies, auctioneers and sometimes leaders, if blended with other temperaments like the choleric and melancholy. Any routine work or career that tends to tie down a sanguine, that requires so much detail, and does not give him the liberty to meet with people bores him. No matter what job or career the sanguines finds himself, it should always give him extensive exposure to people. Sanguines major contribution to life is in making people happy. Now, lets look at the 'Cholerics'. Cholerics are also extroverted like the sanguines. But they're very disciplined and serious people. The cholerics are workaholics, action-packed and purposeful. They are doers, hence, any career or profession that requires leadership, motivation and productivity, & does not involve so much details and analysis attracts a cholerics. They also do well in sales, teaching practical subjects, politics, military service sports and other crafts or vocations. Any job that has to do with too much talking, long meetings, detailed analysis and analytical planning bores a him a great deal. 'Melancholy'. Are you a melancholy? Count yourself lucky because you're the most gifted of all the temperaments, with high IQ. Any career or vocation that requires, self-sacrifice, perfection, creativity, detail analysis, analytical thinking&humanitarian services is best for you. 'Phlegmatics' are the most introverted. Any career that requires meticulous patience and daily routines, planning and calculation, analytical and imaginative mind and not so much of a limelight is best for you.

Monday, 23 March 2015

How To Discover Your Passion And Use It To Add Value To The World.

A lot of people go through life without actually discovering the purpose of their existence. They are like a bird of passage that passes over your head without making a mark. You need to understand that the purpose of your existence is to add value to life by impacting positively on the lives of others. Hence, if you're not adding value to life then you're obviously not fulfilling your responsibility and living up to your full potential. However, you cannot add value to life except you discover your passion and use it to make positive impacts in the lives of others. This is so because you cannot give what you don't have. Therefore, the first step to adding value to the world is to discover your passion in life. Without passion, nothing worth the while can be achieved. It is passion that motivates you to go the extra mile to achieve the extra-ordinary. Now, having made this point clear, the question that should come to your mind right now is: What is my passion? How can i discover it? Every human has a passion for something, but most times, not the passion to add value to life. If you desire to buy a particular car, that's a passion. If you want to build a particular house, it's a passion. If you're attracted to a particular lady and you've been doing everything possible to get her, it's a passion. Anything you crave for that you've not gotten yet is a passion. But this quests do not add value to people's lives and to the world. To add value to the world, and leave lasting legacies in the lives of people, your passion must be people-oriented, aims to improve lives and make the world a better place. For some people, it might be really difficult discovering your passion or what you really want in life, because we're always presented with different choices. Sometimes, you might want to take a particular direction or go into a particular niche or area of life but you soon discover that it isn't the best way to go and you quickly abandon it and decide to look at other areas. Most times, it isn't because you fail to discover your passion, but because you lack focus and consistency in whatever you're doing. It is important for you to know that without focus and consistency in whatever area of life you choose, you cannot achieve your dreams, make any impact and add value to the world. However, for those who find it very awkward discovering their passion, there's only one way you can discover your passion in life and use it to add value to the world. First, you must ask yourself some salient questions. "What are my really passionate about in life"? How can i use my passion to add value to the world? Asking these important question will make you to start looking inwards to discover your potential. For you to be able to discover your passion, there must be a motivating factor, something that drives you to take action. You passion must come from within you, there must be an inner propeller, propelling you to take action, and that is the desire to add value to life. Therefore, what drives, motivates or propels you? A desire to add value to life is the main factor that will help you to discover your passion in life. Discovering your passion in life requires you to take action and get yourself engaged in something meaningful. Laziness, procrastination, idleness and lackadaisical attitudes are the greatest enemies to discovering your passion in life. You must get yourself in doing something meaningful, be liberal, welcome every opportunity. Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might. Ask yourself, what can i do very well. Your passion is something you love doing and you do it graciously without being pushed or compelled. You do it because you're always happy doing it, even when you're not being paid for it, or getting any instant gratification. Your passion can be anything, as long as it adds value to your life and the life of others. Your passion can also be your hobby, or something you're gifted in doing, and you do it so well and better than others. "If you make your hobby your job, you'll live never to work for someone again" Your passion must make you feel happy, complete and fulfilled in life. Whatever you're doing, or any career you choose in life, and you don't derive joy in it, you get bored doing it or you feel discouraged because you do not get any immediate financial reward or compliment, then it's obviously not your passion and you should not continue in it. Hence, you need to still look inwards to discover where your passion lies. The question now is, what are you passionate about? What is your driving force or motivating factor? And how can you unleash your potentials and use it to add value to life? Until you begin to ask yourself these important and heart-searching questions, you may never wake up to the reality of discovering your passion in life, and use it to add value to the world.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

How To Outlast Your Challenges.

There are some challenges that confronts us in life, they are such that we can do nothing about them. They come to us, abide with us for a very long time, and we can do nothing but to endure and live with them. We make all efforts to surmount them, but they often prove insurmountable and keeps coming back. For such challenges, the only solution is to outlast them. When there's no way out of your challenges, the best and wisest thing to do, is to remain afloat. If you cannot win over your challenges, "Outlast them". Whatever challenge you are going through in life will eventually come to an end if you remain undaunted. A storm in the sea will eventually calm down. But only those who remain afloat during the storm will be able to move on when equanimity comes. It is natural that when something does not turn out the way we planned and envisaged, quitting might be the easiest thing to do, but it is never the smartest. It might be the most compelling action to take, but never the most rewarding. Therefore, outlasting your challenges simply means, remaining unwavering, focused undaunted, undeterred and afloat in the midst of that storm, predicament and unfavourable situations, and allowing it to be overtaken by time and events.

Introverts Or Extroverts: Who Makes A Better Leader?

The world is blessed and endowed with two major categories of persons, the 'introverts' and the 'extroverts'. It has immensely benefited from the natural qualities and attributes of this distinct personalities. Hence, the quest for a better human society and positive changes in the world cannot be achieved without the contributions of these two classes of persons. Now, the question is, who is an introvert? And who is an extrovert? The description of these two classes of persons may look very simple, but their meaning is definitely very broad. Like their names suggests and implies, introverts are the classes of persons who are much more concerned about everything internal to them. They are more concerned about themselves, and likes spending more time with themself and have little interest in what happens outside. While the extroverts on the other hand are those who are more interested in what happens outside, likes being with people outside, spends more time with others, and have very little time for themself. In a nutshell, the introverts are always turned inwards, while the extroverts are always turned outwards. This description appears to be very simple and shallow. However, to properly understand these two classes of persons and have an in-depth knowledge of both, so that we can compare both of them in terms of who can make a good leader, we need to examine their different traits, qualities and attributes and compare them with the qualities of a good leader. Don't forget that leadership problem is the major problem the world is facing today, and most countries of the world, especially the third world countries are often enmeshed in this leadership crisis. It is therefore, not surprising that these same leaders emerges from the same society and must either be an introvert or an extrovert. Notwithstanding that some might have a bit of the characteristics of both. Nevertheless, this topic is intended to critically examine and analyse the qualities of these two categories of persons and who can make a better leader between them. However, it is not intended to advocate for either of them on who should be a leader or not, but to point out their weaknessess and strengths and how they can improve or maximize them for better leadership roles. At the end of the day, it might turn-out that both of them will have to work together to achieve effective leadership. First, lets consider the strengths and weaknessess of the extroverts. Like i stated, the extroverts are turned outwards and they like being in the company of people. You can hardly see them alone for a long time. For these categories of persons, you'll naturally conclude that they'll make a good leader, since leadership is about leading people who are your followers. But is that really true? Can they make a better leader? Is always being seen with people or being in the company of the crowd a sign that one can make a good leader? Or is it good enough to predict a good leader? I'll leave you answer these questions. Major weaknessess of the extroverts are: Indiscipline, Unmeticulous, Impetuous, Sarcastic, Imapatience, Inconsiderate, they hate routines, not so much interested in details and being analytical, and they are hard to please. These are some of their basic weaknessess. Some of their strengths includes: Being courageous, Can do attitudes, friendly, humorous, good motivators and mobilizers, passionate, decisive, vocal. These are some of the strengths of the extroverts, which are also very necessary for effective leadership. But their weaknessess often makes them stutter in their leadership roles and makes them unable to achieve their goals. Now, lets consider some of the strengths and weaknessess of the introverts. Some of the weaknesses of the introverts includes: Indecision, Poor self-esteem, Underdeveloped emotions, moody, insatiable, thinking too much of themselves, inertia, perfectionists, always trying to please everyone in other to be acceptable. These are some of the weaknessess of the introverts, which always tends to make them faulter in their leadership roles. However, the introverts have some strengths and sterling qualities which makes them succeeds in leadership if well managed and blended with those of the extroverts. Some of the strengths of the introverts includes: Intelligence, detailed, analytical, Interpersonal skills, Considerate, Self-sacrificial, Resolute, very meticulous and good organizational skills. These are some of the strengths an introvert leader posseses. Any good leader must possess these qualities. However, an introvert with all these qualities cannot be effective in leadership if he lacks some of the decisive, courageous, motivational and mobilization qualities of the extroverts. Likewise, an extrovert cannot be efficient in leadership without the sterling qualities of the introverts. Hence, both of them must blend to achieve the leadership goal. A bit of each of these qualities will make you an excellent leader.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

How To Make A Good First Impression.

You don't get a second chance to make a good first impression. First impression is always very important to us as human beings. We make first impression when we meet new people who might later become part of our lives, when you approach a woman as a man and try to woo her for the very first time, you make a first impression, or you're asked to present a speech at any event or even in a job interview, we all will definitely one day get that first chance to make a first impression. As you go through life, a time must come when you'll get that first chance or opportunity to make a first impression, and you must not ruin it. First impressions are very important to anyone because it opens the door to better privileges and good things. Hence, you must take it very seriously, in other not to ruin your chances or elude yourself of the benefits of making a good first impression. However, a lot of people often ruin their first chance to make a good first impression because they do not take it very seriously, hence they close their doors of better opportunities. First impressions are very important because they can either make or mar your chances of achieving your desires, and also open or close your doors of opportunities and breakthroughs. It is important because so many people take it very seriously, conclude or judge you based on the initial impression you created about yourself, and they would not even give you a second chance. Of course, you don't get a second chance to make a first impression. For instance, if you went for a job interview, and you could not sell yourself to the interviewers by making a good and lasting impression about yourself, you may never get recalled to be offered the job. Or you probably approached and tried to woo a lady for the first time, and you could not impress her to some extent, she may never want to go out on a date with you or even listen to you the next time. This is why you must be very careful with first impressions, and take it very seriously. Now, how do you make a good first impression? This is why i've chosen to discuss this topic, so that you can know how to make a good first impression when given the first chance to do so. The first and most important thing you ought to know when trying to create a good first impression is to avoid being "Jittery" and "Anxious". You need to relax yourself, calm your nerves and don't be unduly perturbed. Being jittery, anxious or unduly perturbed even before the event makes you look very uncomfortable and lacking in confidence. When you're jittered or anxious, you're bound to makes some silly and unnecessary mistakes which you'll certainly regret later, and possibly want a second chance to make amends, which you may never get. Hence, in other to avoid seeking for a second chance to make a good first impression, you must avoid being anxious, jittery and unnecessarily perturbed. You've got to relax your mind, calm your nerves and take it very simple. After working on your mind, to make it relax. The next thing you must understand if you want to create a good first impression is to take cognizance of your environment and everything around there. Look for something you can use to compliment the person or to initiate a conversation. For instance, if you're trying to woo a lady, rather than compliment her on her beauty which is very common, you can decide to compliment her for her hair, her attire or her shoes which she does not get always and you'll become exceptional in making a good first impression. In a nutshell, making a good first impression especially on a lady, requires you to be different from other men. Start the conversation and look for something different, uncommon and special to compliment her about. starting the conversation boosts your self-confidence. For a job interview, you need to sell yourself to the employers by making a good first impression about yourself in other to land you the job. The key is confidence and the ability to express yourself in a very lucid manner. Don't have an already predetermined opinion or expect that a particular question must come, hence you focus all your mind on that area. You need to be neutral, free your mind, but be vast in knowledge and prepare to answer any question that may be thrown at you. The key here is self-confidence and knowing how to approach any question that will be thrown at you. Don't try to pass a message of uneasiness or timidity, but show moderate confidence in your composure and how you approach every question. Making a good first impression anywhere is quiet very easy. You do not need any hard and fast rules to be able to do that. You've only got to be confident of yourself, avoid being jittery, uneasy or perturbed. Just relax your mind, be observant and pick out your points and opinions as the conversation progresses. Avoid any prejudice, or having a predetermined opinion to avoid being dissapointed and taken unawares. But always know the right things to say.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

How To Break The Habit Of Masturbation In Twenty-One Days.

Of all the habits that tends to make a man sexually weak and inactive, masturbation is the most prominent of them. Masturbation is a very bad habit especially when addicted to it. Frequent and prolonged masturbation lowers a man's sexual libido. It's capable of making a man to become sexually incapacited, particularly as he gets older. Every man is at birth, created to be sexually active, and any healthy man is expected to get sexually aroused and respond to some sexual stimuli when it is time to do so. But it is very unfortunate that some men find it very difficult to get sexual arousal, respond to their partners sexual advances or even live up to their sexual responsibilities at home. This case is most times, consequent upon some bad habits you inadvertently get yourself indulge in, and you ignorantly practice them without knowing that you're doing more harm to yourself. The wet dream which is a sign of puberty, that every man experienced at an earlier stage, that is the adolescent age is very natural, and it is an indication that you're sexually active as a man. Hence, that sexual activity is supposed to continue, even till you get older in life to keep you sexually active and stong. But some of these bad habits you picked up as you go through life, tends to distort this natural sexual occurence and make you sexually weak and inactive. This is why in this post, we are going to delve into this bad habit of masturbation, and show you how you can overcome them. There are some bad habits that are very difficult to break and come off it. Masturbation is certainly one of such habits, especially when so much addicted to. There are two kinds of bad habits, the one that's due to external influence, and the other due to internal influence. Habits, such as smoking, drinking, clubbing etc are all caused by some external influence and they're all more easier to break, unlike the ones due to some internal influence, like masturbation, which comes from within. Habits such as masturbation are very hard to break because they are prompted by some inordinate sexual urge, which if uncontrolled can result in frequent masturbation. Hence, the more you get yourself indulge in this bad habit, the more you do more harm to your sexual life, by weakning your sex-drive towards your partner. In my previous post, i discussed in details how masturbation can affect your sexual libido and weaken you sex organs. But this post is aimed at showing you how you can overcome this bad habits within twenty-one days and improve your sex life. One thing you must know about bad habits is that, it takes twenty-one days to form bad habits, therefore it will also take twenty-one days to break it. It takes discipline to overcome any bad habit, but it takes much more discipline and some action steps to overcome masturbation. Since masturbation is influenced by some internal factors, which also results from some inordinate sexual thoughts and imaginations. The act of masturbation does not happen abruptly, it is preceeded by some unholy sexual thoughts and imaginations. Hence, in other to overcome masturbation, you must first and foremost deal with these unholy sexual thoughts and imaginations that propels you into masturbating. Deal with these wrong sexual imaginations, endeavour to always put them under control and never allow them to overcome you. Apparently, this act of masturbation is always carried out when you're alone in a lonely place. Loneliness and idleness creates an environment that's required to perpetrate the act of masturbation. This is usually because, the human mind is never a neutral ground. It cannot be idle for a minute. It's always a battle ground for both positive and negative thoughts and imaginations. Since the human mind is built in such a way that it is more susceptible to some bad thoughts and imaginations, hence you're most times trapped in this bad habit, if you don't discipline yourself and put your ignoble sexual imaginations under control. Therefore, if you really want to break this bad habit, you must endeavour to always avoid being idle or alone in a lonely place, particularly in your room, in other not to create an atmosphere that causes these wrong imaginations to thrive, and probably overwhelm you in the long run, which also leads you into masturbating. You must be very vigilant and watch out for any inordinate sexual imaginations. Identify your weaknesses, if these wrong sexual thoughts and urge will make you masturbate when you're alone, then you must be disciplined enough to leave that lonely environment, go outside, meet people or engage in some meaningful activities. By the time you comeback, that thought would have evaporated and the urge waned. Moreover, it takes 21 days, 3weeks to form a bad habit, it also takes 3 weeks to break it. After the first one or two weeks the urge and pressure will become intense, but if you can discipline yourself hard enough for 3 weeks, you'll certainly overcome it.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

How You Can Help Change The World.

A young boy of 10 once said to himself, "when i grow up, i will change my world". This he said to his parents and friends. At exactly 20, he began working towards achieving his dream. His modus operandi was to go from one continent to the other to preach about change and admonish them on the need to change their attitudes. He decided to list the continents alphabetically, hence he started with Africa. He needed to go round all the countries in Africa to conscientize the citizens on the need for attitudinal change. Hence, he took off his journey immediately.But he soon realized that it will be a white elephant project with huge financial commitments to embark on a journey of going from one continent to another to tell the people why they have to change their attitude. Therefore, he dropped that initial plan of working of going from one continent to another, and later limited himself to focus only on his continent. He said to himself, "Since i can't go round the entire continents of the world, i think i should limit myself to my continent and start from there". He began the journey of going round the entire countries in his continent. He visited the first country, but he was faced with the challenge of meeting different people with different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Different languages and religious beliefs, and he found it difficult to communicate and interact with them in a language they can understand. He became dissapointed and unhappy because his dream of changing the world is always being confrontend with difficult challenges to surmount. Being very sad about it, he again said to himself, "Since i cannot go round the entire continents of the world, and am also being faced with the challenge of understanding and communicating in the language of every tribe in my continent, i think it will be more profitable to focus on my own country and probably start from there. At least, this is my country and i believe it will be easier to change my fellow citizens than the citizens of other nationalities". Therefore, he began going to every state in his country, going to the streets, printing hand bills and posters, going to media houses: radio stations, TV stations and the print medias to talk about change, and also encourage the people to change their attitudes towards each other. To his chagrin, he discovered that the wrong attitudes of his fellow citizens were not changing. Infact, it looks as if the more he tries to talk to them about change and appeal to them to have a change of attitude, the more they despise him and continued in their bad behaviours, and were even getting worse. He became very dissappointed and frustrated by the discouraging attitudes of his fellow citizens. Not relenting on his ambition, he resolved to narrow his dream of changing the world down to his community, where he has substantial influence on his kinsmen and kinswomen. And he felt they would be willing and ready to accept his doctrine of attitudinal change. Consequently, he decided to go back to his immediate community to spend some quality time with them, and preach to them his sermon of change and why they should embrace his change philosophy, eventhough for a very long time, he had not been going to see them. He started going from one compound to another and one family to the other, and also on the streets, track and farm roads and using town criers to tell anyone he sees about change and character reformation. But he soon discovered that it was even more difficult to cause anyone to have a change of attitude at the community level. Because they see him as a greedy, selfish and self-centered man who does not care about anyone but himself alone. They further despised him and called him all sorts of names. They would not even listen to any sermon on attitudinal change coming from him, because of his antecedents. He became further discouraged, disappointed and very frustrated. At this time, he was almost giving up on his dream. But he summoned courage and decided to go back to his family. He said to himself, "Since i can't change anyone, i think its better i go back to my family where i have all the authority, and start from there". He went back immediately, he called his wife and 3 kids together, and said "from today, i want everyone to change from his or her wrong attitude to the right attitudes. Every morning, he'll call them out to preach about this change. But to his dismay, as the children were growing up, they were all going their own ways and imbibing the wrong attitudes. He became extremely disappointed and frustrated. Now he's 40. And when he came down to his senses, he said to himself "Since i could neither change my world, nor my continent, nor my country, not even my community and my family, i think i will change MYSELF". It took him to get to 40 before he realizes that, to change the world, the change must begin with him. Whatever you can't change before 40, you can't change it after 40. IT BEGINS WITH YOU!

Thursday, 5 March 2015

How To Build Your Interpersonal Relationship Skill.

Lack of interpersonal relationship skills has been the major factor responsible for the poor relationship among ourselves, especially our workplaces where we ought to work as a team in other to achieve a common goal. It has consequently led to misunderstandings and breakdown of human interactions and relationships. It is expedient to note that without interpersonal relationship skills, it will be difficult for humans to live, work and relate with each other. Hence, interpersonal relationship skills is a very essential and valuable skill that's necessary for humans to continue to live together in peace and harmony here on earth. Without this skills or qualities, our relationship will be characterized with frictions and hiccups, which may consequently lead to fracas and further degenerate into total breakdown of our relationships. Undoubtedly, a lot of people do not possess this all-important skills, which has been the major factor that's responsible for their inability to maintain and nurture a good relationship with others. Whether it is in their church, workplace, school, neighbourhood mosque or any other group or organization they're in, they always have reasons for getting into conflict with others, especially conflicts of interests. This attitude is very appalling and you must endeavour to change it, and build good human interpersonal relationship skills, so that you can continue to have a very peaceful and cordial relationship wherever you find yourself. There are so many causes of conflicts and lack of good relationship among ourselves. Like i stated earlier, lack of interpersonal relationship skills is a major cause of conflict among humans. However, there are so many attributes or traits that culminates into lack of interpersonal relationship skills. Hence, we will look at these attributes one after the other, and established the best form of approach to having a good and peaceful relationship with everyone. Lets get it started right away. First and foremost, you must understand that the golden rule that has to guide any peaceful and cordial relationship is, "TREAT OTHERS THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE TREATED". But a lot of people do not know or understand this rule, hence they miss the point and always gets into conflicts with their friends, colleagues, surbodinates or relatives. It is imperative you understand this golden rule and always practice it if you want to have a good and peaceful relationship with people. You must learn to see others the way you see yourself. Endeavour to relate and treat everyone the way you want them to do to you. If you wouldn't want to be deliberately ridiculed, humiliated or disdained by anyone, then you must also refrain from doing so to others. That is the golden rule and it is the only panacea to a peaceful relationship and co-existence. Learn to respect the dignity of every human being, despite how feeble and inconsequential they may be. Even if they're not up to your class or status, always learn to condescend when necessary, it doesn't make you less of who or what you are. However, some people are very conversant with this golden rule and they've always practised it, yet they still get into conflict with people. This is why we shall consider other factors that will enable us to build and shapen our interpersonal relationship skill. Proper and mutual "UNDERSTANDING" of temperaments is very necessary for developing our interpersonal relationship skills. Understanding is the lubricant that lubricates every relationship and reduces friction. When you have a proper understanding of the temperament of your team members, colleagues, boss, relatives and anyone you relate with, you'll certainly know how to better manage and relate with them, and also tolerate their weaknesses and shortcomings. Temperament is the trait a person is born with. A person can be a Sanguine, who are very unserious and indisciplined. Or a Choleric who is very sarcastic and hard to please. Or probably a Melancholy, who's a perfectionist and hard to satisfy. Or even a Phlegmatic, who's too slow, inactive and always undecided. You must learn to manage all these categories of persons in other to have a good relationship with everyone. Read more about the four classes of temperament in "Why You Act The Way You Do" by Tim Lahaye. It will help you to have a better understanding of different traits of people and develop your interpersonal relationship skills. Another factor we want to consider is to avoid being too "CONFRONTATIONAL". Notwithstanding how good we want our relationship to be and the good effort we always make to make it better. There must certainly be a time when we must encounter some disagreements and misunderstandings, which if not properly or wisely handled, could degenerate into a soured relationship. There's no perfect relationship anywhere but the ability to properly manage our weaknesses and resolve our differences will make it near perfect. Avoid being too confrontational and impetuous.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

How To Overcome Low Sexual Libido.

Low or lack of sexual libido has been a major challenge confronting most men. And it consequently threatens their relationship with their partner. A lot of men have always been accused of sexual irresponsibility by their partner, because of their inability to take charge on bed and satisfy the woman's sexual urge. Frankly speaking, no matter how handsome and good looking you are, or how physically strong and tough you may look, or how rich and wealthy you are, and all the masculine characters and sexuality traits you possess, if you cannot assume your sexual responsibility and to a reasonable extent, satisfy her on bed when it is time, sorry! She'll never be pleased or happy with you, no matter what you do.This is one major factor that's responsible for infidelities in many relationships and marriages. If you cannot be in charge in your home as a man, particularly on bed, you certainly cannot get the maximum respect you deserve. However, if you're in this category, you don't need to panic anymore, because this topic is intended to address this challenge and help you to overcome low or lack of sexual libido, which is the main cause of your inability to perform your sexual role to your partner at home. First, lets understand what we mean by sexual libido. What is sexual libido? The word "libido" is always associated with sex. Hence, sexual libido can be described as sex-drive, desire, passion and appetite for sex when needed at the right time. Therefore, a moderate sexual libido is when there's an excitement of the sex organ and the drive for sex. It is the desire and drive that causes the excitement and erection. Without this sex-drive and desire, there will either be no erection or there will be partial erection, which is also known as "Weak Erection". Consequently, the person can be said to have a low sexual libido. Every man is naturally created to, without any inhibition get attracted to the opposite sex. And no man is born with low libido, infact every healthy man is expected to once in a while get sexually emotional and aroused, especially when close to a woman. But we unknowingly get ourselves challenged by this challenge as we go through life. Probably because of some unfavourable habits we picked up that has negatively impacted on us or some bad advice we ignorantly heeded to in the past. I believe some medical scientist and even herbal doctors must have given some advices, or prescribed some remedy for low or lack of sexual libido, and some herbal specialists have some libido boosting herbal products. Probably, you've sometime ago taken their products. Now the question i want to ask you is that, how far did it go? Or to what extent has those products helped you? Please post your comment at the of this post, to let me know. The truth is that majority of these products or medicines are only for temporary or short-term measures. They do not permanently cure low libido. Which invariably means that, every time you want to engage in sex with your partner, you must take the product to boost your libido. It isn't supposed to be like that. Sexual libido is a natural occurence that happens naturally anytime you want to copulate, you don't need to force it. If it doesn't happen naturally, then it is abnormal and you ought to seek medical help. Notwithstanding, those herbal products or remedies may suffice if the cause of the low libido is infection. Untreated or poorly treated infections such as, gonorrhea, syphilis, staphylococus etc, may cause low sexual libido, which those herbal or medical prescription is intended to treat, in other to boost your libido. Sometimes, excessively taking these libido boosting products might even further compound the problem, because it negates the natural principle of copulation. However, apart from age and infections, which tends to reduce our sexual libido or sex-drive, there are some habits you ignorantly indulge in, that are more likely to reduce your sexual libido faster than any other thing, especially as you get older. The first of these habit is "Masturbation". Excessive or frequent masturbation as a man weakens your sex organ, and reduces your drive for the real sex with your partner, and also causes weak or minimum erection. This is because when you masturbate, especially when there's friction, it affects the blood veins in your organ and also the muscles, which will eventually cause some rupture and weaken the cells that are necessary to cause full erection. The next habit is frequent watching of "Pornography". Frequent watching of porn videos and pictures can lead to a low libido. The more you watch pornography, the more it gradually kills your passion and desire for the real thing at the time you ought to engage in it with your partner. That special attraction that excites your sex cells and organs will no longer be there. The last factor that may cause low sexual libido is "Stress". Never indulge in sex when you're under stress. It kills your emotions.

Monday, 2 March 2015

How To Become Famous In The World.

A lot of people have always desired to become famous in the world. But fame does not happen abruptly, it comes with its own challenges and sacrifices. Fame can come in different ways but for two reasons. You can be famous for the wrong reasons or for the right reasons. Someone can be famous for being notorious, or you can become popular for being the next Stowaway. Fame can be achieved in diverse ways, depending on which area you want to channel your energy towards, and you're ready to make sacrifices. But in this context, i'm talking about being famous for the right reasons or doing the right thing. Whether it is the fifteen minutes of fame on social media that was predicted, or the long time fame, being famous requires you to be creative and do extraordinary things that will catch the attention of a good number of people. Now, how do you become famous in the world? Remember, i'm not talking about that fifteen minutes of fame which so many of us might later attain. For instance, if you've got a good number of followers on twitter and your tweet is being retweeted many times by your followers, that might just be your 15 minutes of fame on Twitter. Or if you've got a post that gets shared and liked by a lot of people that might also be your 15 minutes of fame on Facebook. But these are short term fame which some of us might achieve one day on social media. However, in this post, we are looking at the long time fame in what you've chosen to do in life. A lot of writers had written about becoming famous, and it will run a whole gamut of the human race if all writers were to write down their knowledge and ideas on how to achieve fame. A lot of writers has always told you not chase after fame, but you should rather be consistent in doing your passion and fame will follow after you. I can't agree less with their advice. Apparently, the first secret to becoming famous in life is to discover your passion. What is your passion in life? What do you know how to do well and you love doing? Discovering your passion and being consistent in putting it to work, is the secret to becoming famous. And until you discover your passion in life and make deliberate effort to consistently put it to action, you cannot achieve fame. There are a lot of famous people in the world today, who achieved fame in their different areas of endeavours. Some rose to the peak of their careers in singing, fashion, football, athletics, writing, blogging and in various areas that adds value to life. Fame starts from discovering your passion, creating a niche for yourself, being consistent and good at what you're doing. After discovering your passion, and choosing the niche you want to focus on, you must learn to always be consistent in doing ordinary things in an extra-ordinary way. The desire to become famous requires diligence and consistency in doing what you love doing, and know how to do it better than others. It takes time, hence it requires patience. It doesn't matter how long it may take, what matters is, being consistent and focused in your passion and chosen niche. Don't be discouraged by how long it may take you or begin to consider how long it took others to get there, it starts with just a step and the determination to get there. This is why you don't need to desire to become famous forget about it, just follow your passion and be consistent in putting it to action, and the fame will come. You can become a famous footballer, athletes, blogger, singer, writer, fashion celebrity, golfer, etc. Since your target is to hit the whole world, you must choose a niche that appeals to a good number of people or a niche that adds value to the life of others. Discover some challenges confronting the entire world, like the challenges of terrorism, climate change and global warming, leadership problems or any other challenge that's affecting humans, and be creative in coming up with a solution by blogging, writing or singing about them. To become famous in the world, you must do some great things that will add value to life and impact positively on the life of others. The teenage Pakistani girl, Malala Yousafzai is famous because of her advocacy for the right to education of the girl child in Pakistan. Her passion and course, had today made the education of the girl child to be taken more seriously in Pakistan and the World at large. What is your passion an motivation in life? You certainly need to discover and follow it, in other to become famous. Apart from discovering your passion and working hard towards achieving world fame, some people also become famous by dating, marrying or connecting to others who are already famous and renown in the world. Kate Middleton became famous for marrying Prince Williams. Hence, having a link or connection with people who are already famous can also make you famous. But that's a cheap way of attaining fame, which does not happen always. The best way is to discover your passion and use it to add value to life.

Friday, 27 February 2015

Three Categories Of People In The World.

The world we live in is full of actions and reactions. A philosopher once said that "life is ten percent action and ninety percent reaction". In our relationship as individuals, a time comes when some little misunderstandings engenders actions taking against ourselves. These actions often comes in diverse forms depending on the individual involved. The main objective of this post is for you to discover the three different reactions by three categories of people to the same action against them. This will enable you to discover the category you belong and also categorize everybody you relate with, so that you can have a better relationship. A famous scientist, Sir Isaac Newton, in 1884 published a work called "principia" from which he clearly statef the three laws of motion. From his third law, i quote "To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction". This invariably means that actions and reactions are equal and opposite. For instance, if you fire a bullet from a gun, that's an action, the equal and opposite reation is that you notice yourself jerk backwards as a result of the momentum with which the bullet leaves the gun. Hence, this principle also applies in our everyday interactions and relationships amongst ourselves. When you take an action against someone, either pleasant or unpleasant you should always anticipate an equal and opposite reaction. However, these reactions often comes in divers forms depending on who's at the receiving end. Now, lets get down to the nitty-gritty of the this post. Have you ever been hurt, humiliated or treated with disdain by someone you love and respect or even a total stranger? How did you react to their action? Did you ignore the person and walk away? Were you blunt in retaliation? Or you picked your pen and diary to register the day that action was taken against you? Frankly speaking, every one of us at one point or the other is confronted with these actions in life, probably from a loved one, relative, people we love and respect or even total strangers. Certainly, unpleasant actions must always come but what matters is how we react to them. The first category are those that when you humiliate or treat them with disdain, they immediately give it back to you without minding whose ox is gored, or consider the level of respect and regards they've got for you before. These categories pays you back in your own coin instantly, especially if you're a total stranger or not as important to them as would warrant them overlook your actions. I call them the "BLUNT" category. If you hurt them or verbally attack their personality, then be sure you would be in for a showdown, because they're always ready for an immediate payback and they are not afraid of any threat. Their interest is letting you know they're not cowards and you cannot trample on them and go free. These categories are not the most gentle or patient of all humans. They are very belligerent, and this attitude makes them being avoided by people around them, hence they unknowingly build a defense around themselves and their loved ones. They show no regrets for their actions. They feel cheated and see themselves as cowards if they ignore your actions without retaliating. Hence, they believe in a "tooth for a tooth and a tat for a tat". A lot of people have an aversion for these category, which makes them unwilling to get involved in their affairs. However, despite the fact that they're very aggressive and cantekerous but they're not as attrocious or deadly as people take them to be. They do not bear grudes against anyone, as long as they're able to vent their displeasure. Now, lets discuss the second category. When these categories of people are hurt, humiliated or treated with disdain they simply ignore you and walk away, sometimes without making any comment. If your're a close person they love and respect, they 'll begin to avoid you and subsequently keep their distance from you. But if you're a total stranger, they'll either take an exception to your action and make you feel worthless or utter a very sarcastic word that will belittle you and make you feel bad about yourself, which is the limit they can go with you for that day. Howerver, these categories are generally peaceful and patient. I call them the "PATIENT" group. They only react when pushed to the wall, and their reaction is always very deadly. They do not bear grudges against their offenders. These categories are very gentle and peace loving, but a lot of people often mistake their gentleness for cowardice. But they can be very deadly when pushed to the wall or provoked beyond measure, especially when you continue to take their peaceful disposition for granted or as an occassion to incessantly humiliate them. These categories are very forgiving, hence they do not have permanent foes. The third are the "PRETENTIOUS" group. These people pretends not to be hurt by your actions, but they're waiting for the right time to retaliate all your actions.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

How To Improve Your Sexuality As A Man.

A lot of people have always asked, if a man can be sexy or sexual. And some who knows asks, how can a man improve his sexuality? Sexuality is one thing most women use to attract men. Women are very good at being sexual than men. They are very good at using their sexuality as tool to conspicously bring men closer to them. They know that being sexual and using their sexuality, is a powerful tool in making men fall to their whims and caprices. But men typically have got no idea of what it means to be sexual as a man or how to be sexual. Men always attributes sexuality to women, and think it's only a woman that can be sexual, because that's how they understand sex. But that's absolutely wrong. Men too can be sexy or sexual, and being so will get many women to become attracted to you, just as easily as men are to women. Until you improve your sexuality as a man, you'll not appear so much likeable and attractive to women. But how can you improve your sexuality as a man? I know that's the question that must be going through your mind right now. Don't worry, i'll tell you. There's a difference between a man's sexuality and that of a woman. A woman sexuality is easily visible on the outside. The round shape, curves, figure 8, sexy eyes, lips, legs, catwalking and all the anatomical and physiological structure of a woman's body makes her appear physically sexy and sexual. But the anatomical and physiological structure of a man's body does not make for him to appear physically sexy. A man can be handsome and good looking with broader shoulders, side bears and mustache, but it doesn't make him sexual. This is because a man's sexuality is not external, but inside. If not, why do some women prefer, get attracted and go after less handsome and good looking men, despite the fact that they already have a more handsome guy? It is because those men understands what it means for a man to be sexual and they always displays their sexuality at the right time, particularly in the presence of such women. They know that is what a woman wants, and they wittingly or unwittingly use it to bring them closer. Hence, it is not the outward adonis nature of a man that makes him sexual, though it may make him appear very attractive and likeable, but it certainly cannot bring out a woman's real affections towards him. Therefore, what can then bring out a woman's real affection towards a man? It is a man's sexuality. And what is a man's sexuality? And how can a man be sexual? You may want to ask. A man's sexuality is tied to his masculine nature. And these masculine qualities and characteristics is what a woman is looking for, and not the physiological body structure of the man. Naturally, a man is expected to be strong, tough, fearless, courageous, aggressive, egoistic, brave, protective, intelligent, analytical and always in control of situations. A man is supposed to be on top of his game at all times. He's the head, and must always take deliberate responsibility to be seen as that. A man can improve his sexuality when he always acts manly in displaying the qualities listed above. He must act manly at all times. However, acting manly does not mean being a bully or canterkerous. Rather, he must always show the best characteristics of what it's to be a man. Using your sexuality as a man means being strong, brave, courageous, acting timely, focused, straight-forward, irrepressive for the right course, protective and allowing your masculine energy to radiate from inside of you. These characteristics makes you appear sexual as a man and attracts so much respect to you from the opposite gender. No woman wants to have a man that cannot protect her, always fearful, lacks courage, easily intimidated, lacks integrity, that cannot take decisions and responsibilities. If you really want to endear yourself to a woman's heart, you must posses these qualities, because it thrills any woman. Now, how can you improve or develop your sexuality as a man? First, you must build your character. Develop yourself. Learn some physical and mental skills that will build up your character and develop your courage. Learn to improve yourself, educationally, mentally, physically, psychologically and otherwise. Exercise regularly, undergo some trainings that will help boost your courage and self-esteem as a man. All these will assist you in building your masculine qualities and characteristics and improve your sexuality as a man. In the temperaments, men that have a combination or a trace of the choleric temperament in them, easily exhibits this masculine sexuality and are easily attractive to women. A sanguine, melancholy or phlehmatic that has little choleric nature in them will exhibit some amount of a man's sexuality. This is because the choleric temperament reflects a man's sexuality. If you take a survey of many marriages or relationships, you'll discover that men with some level of choleric temperament are sincerely and deeply loved by their partner than any other.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

How Introverts Can Overcome Low Self-Esteem.

Human beings are composed of some intrinsic qualities and characteristics which makes up the totality of a person's whole being. These qualities often reflects outwards in their relationship with other. Some of them are natural, which means they inherited them from the genes of their parents that was passed unto them at birth, hence those traits were transferred to them. Any trait, either positive or negative a persons exhibits must have its root from somewhere and predominantly from our parents. The genes you inherited from your parents affects your personality and plays a major role in your relationship with people. Others picked up some of these traits from their environment in the course of interacting with people around them. Whichever trait a persons portrays, is due to the person's temperament. Talking about temperament, temperament is what makes a human being behave or act the way he does. From the book of 'Tim Lahaye' temperament is the sum total of a persons whole being. It is what determines how you eat, read, drive, clean your environment, act or react, relate with your wife and kids and everybody around you. Temperament controls every behaviour you put up in life. There are four classes of temperaments: Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholy and Phlegmatic are the four classes of temperaments and they are further classified into the "Introverts and Extroverts". Sanguine and Choleric are Extroverts while Melancholy and Phlegmatics are Introverts. However, this post is not intended to disuss in details about the temperaments, but to focus on a particular trait, which is also influenced by the temperament. Self-esteem is a very popular and important quality that's always talked about by so many people. Self-esteem has to do with the value a person attaches to him or herself. It is how one rates oneself, when relating with others. A lot of people often battle with the challenge of low self-esteem. They have a poor rating of themselves and attach little or no value to their person. Poor or low self-esteem comes from within, it's an internal thing and becomes visible on the outside. Therefore, if you're battling with low self-esteem, you must begin to look inwards and change some wrong perceptions you have about yourself. What are some of the causes of low self-esteem? Like i stated ealier, some of the traits we exhibits are natural. We acquired them from our parents. Going back to the temperaments, the introverts which are mainly Melancholies and Phlegmatics are more likely to suffer more from low self-esteem than the Sanguines and Cholerics, which are Extroverts. The Melancholies and Phlegmatics are extremely intelligent. The melancholies particularly are very intelligent and analytical group of people, infact they're the most intelligent people on earth. Like we know about the introverts, they like keeping to themselves, and have little time to spend with others. However, it's quiet unfortunate that these gifted and intelligent people still battles with the challenge of low self-esteem. Hence, if you have melancholy or phlegmatic parents, then be sure you must posses some traits of low self-esteem. And no matter how you try to get rid of it, some trace of it must be there because it is internal. There are various factors that are responsible for the low self-esteem of the introverts (Melancholies and Phlegmatics). Melancholies have a perfectionist attitude. They like everything to be hundred percent right and perfect, which is certainly unrealizable. They feel very incomplete and under-achieved when they do not get it hundred percent done, and feel others could have done better. The melancholies are never satisfied with whatever they've achieved. They put themselves under so much responsibility and intense pressure. The perfectionist and insatiable nature of the melancholies makes them have a poor rating of themselves and attach little value to their personality. This attitude consequently makes them develop low or poor self-esteem in their relationship with others. Melancholies can overcome their low self-esteem by realizing the fact that nobody is perfect, and nothing done by anyone can be 100 percent perfect without any fault. You've got to come out with a more positive mindset of yourself and avoid trying to please everyone. Introverts are generally confronted with the challenge of low self-esteem. This is usually due to their gregarious lifestyle of always keeping to themselves. Thereby, making them develop poor self-confidence and self-esteem whenever they meet new people. In other to overcome this challenge, the introverts should endeavour to relate with more people, and always have a positive mindset and perception about themselves. Always realize that you're no less a person, and believe you've got all it takes to be better than anyone in the world. "Change the negative perceptions you have about yourself and your self-esteem will be boosted."

Saturday, 7 February 2015

The Secret Of Living A Happy And Fulfilled Life.

What is the real secret of living a happy and fulfilled lifestyle? This question is very important because, until you discover the real secret of having real peace and happiness in life, you cannot discover your true potential and accomplish all that God has destined you to accomplish in life. A lot of people are constantly on a quest for true happiness and are embarking on a long journey of finding their true potentials and the real purpose of their existence. But the big question is, what is the secret of living a happy and fulfilled life? Is it wealth, riches, comfort, pleasure, success, education, jewelleries, Cars, landed properties or any other good things you can get in life? Material and ephemeral things of life may make you temporarily happy and feel comfortable in life, but they'll certainly not guarantee you lasting peace and happiness that will make you feel fulfilled in life. I once had a friend who was on the better side of life, he had virtually every good thing needed to make life very interesting and enjoyable. He's very comfortable and had nothing to worry about in life, because all he needed to make life very comfortable for him was provided for, by his parents. John was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. But it is astonishing to know that people who are on the better side of life, who can afford the best things life can offer still battle with an inner feeling of rejections, uncertainty, insecurity and unhappiness. Oftentimes, you see John staying away from friends, feeling lonely, dejected, in a moody and unhappy state. When i tried to find out from him what the problem was, he tells me nothing and immediately tries to cover it up by becoming cheerful again. The next moment you see him going back to the same moody and unhappy state, hence i knew and was convinced that there was a problem but didn't really know the cause. From that time, i began to research and study human behaviours and relationship to try to decipher the cause of unhappiness in a man's life and discover the real secret of living a happy and fulfilled life. This is the main reason why i'm sharing this topic with you today, to help you permanently overcome unhappiness, lead a peaceful life and accomplish what you're destined to accomplish in life. It's expedient for you to know that unpleasant situations may make you feel very sad and depressed. That's absolutely natural for every human being, but it's suppose to wane with time. But if such unhappy and depressed mood continues unabated, then there's a problem. However, living a happy life or being in a joyful mood always does not mean you're not going to encounter challenges or unpleasant situations. It is an inner feeling of satisfaction, completeness and fulfilment that radiates on the outside and reflects in your actions and relationship with others. Wealth, riches, or any other material things does not gaurantee satisfaction, because of the insatiability of man, neither does it bring lasting peace and happiness, and consequently fulfilment in life. Just like the case of John, i believe a lot of people are in that category. They are never happy about anything in life, they always feel depressed, dejected and downcasted. However, some people are naturally happy people. They're not so much affected by challenges or any unpleasant situations of life. If you're one of those few persons, then you're most fortunate, and you ought to be thankful to God because you've got a very rare gift that most people wish they had. But if you feel incessantly unhappy about yourself, or you lack peace of mind and you feel very unfulfilled and incomplete inside you. There's no need to worry anymore, because i've got the remedy for you. I was once a victim of this, until i discovered this basic truth on the secret of living a happy and fulfilled life. If you'll stick to my advice and counsel, i can assure you of living a happy and fulfilled life in no distant time. You must understand that there are two main secrets of happiness in life, and which also leads to a feeling of satisfaction and fulfilment. The first secret of happiness in life is to realize that God is the source of happiness. Yes, this is very necessary. You must recognize God as the source of every good thing in life, including happiness. Having a good relationship with God, gives you an inner happiness that endures even when challenges arises. Hence, you need to realize that God is the originator of happiness. The second secret of happiness in life has to do with your relationship with people. Wealth and material things does not gaurantee happiness and fulfilment in life. Just like king solomon in the bible, who kept not back from himself anything his eyes saw and desires. But he called them vanity and vexation of spirit. Learn to forgive everyone, avoid bearing any grudge, and also help the less privileged with your resources. A good relationship with God and man is necessary for living a happy and fulfilled life.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Self-Motivation: How To Motivate Yourself For Success.

Self-motivation is undoubtedly a fundamental and indispensable quality every successful person in the world posessed. It is a quality that's necessary to accomplish any extra-ordinary thing in life. Hence, anyone who dreams or desires to be successful in life and accomplish great things must certainly possess this rare but sterling quality of self-motivation. Self-motivation is that deliberate passion, hunger, thirst, desire, zeal or zest to take up a new task or pre-conceived idea and do everything it takes to succeed and bring it to reality. Self-motivation is an essential factor that's very pertinent, and plays a major role in attempting to cross any hurdle or overcome challenge in life and emerge successful. It must originate from your mind as an individual, the passion to take actions that will bring success, without anyone pushing you to do what you've got to do for yourself. You can't achieve or accomplish anything worthwhile in life if you lack the ability to motivate yourself to take action. Even if you attend all the seminars on motivational talks and listen to all the renown motivational speakers in the world, if you don't have that inner motivation, passion, hunger and desire to do something for yourself or take actions that will enable you to succeed in life, it will all become a jamboree and a waste of time. Motivational talks and speeches are very important, but more important, are the actions you take after listening to them. And this is where your inner motivation has to come in. You definitely need to have an inner motivation to be able to succeed and accomplish great tasks in life. It is important for you to know that no one can motivate you more than the extent you motivate yourself. What motivates you in life? Do you have an inner propeller? What drives your passion life? You need to discover yourself today. Do you always feel reluctant and lackadaisical about taking actions? Then it will be difficult for you to achieve anything extra-ordinary in life. You need to begin to look inwards to discover your level of self-motivation. "You can build up your self-motivation ability or begin to motivate yourself, by imagining what will become of you, if you fail to make it in life". Please share your thoughts and experiences with others by commenting below. THANKS.