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Thursday, 12 December 2013

How To Break-free From Bad Thoughts And Beliefs!

Do you know that a great number of people have had their minds inundated with bad thoughts and beliefs? This consequently could probably be as a result of their experiences while growing up. It is very expedient to know that most of this beliefs are unconsciously learned, and they eventually impede our desire for success in life. So many people often inundate their minds with bad thoughts and beliefs. For instance, in a relationship between a man and a woman. Wrong beliefs and thoughts like: I'm too old, too ugly, too fat, therefore no man or woman will want me. Other people also come up with the belief that, "i don't have what it takes to make it life", i'm incapacitated. This are all wrong and negative beliefs or thoughts that a lot of people have allowed to hold sway in their life. And all this disillusionment has hindered them from making progress in life. In other to make progress in life, you must begin to change how you think, to a more positive direction, and also feel your mind with positive thoughts. But how can you actually change all this negative thoughts to a more positive thinking direction. It is quiet easy to say change, but to actually change could be somewhat awkward to do. It might be difficult changing what you've learned over the years, but it's absolutely not impossible to change. First of all, you've got to "UNLEARN" what you've already learned. But how do you unlearn a bad behaviour, or expel all those negative thoughts and beliefs from your mind? Aren't those things already ingrained in your being? The answer to that question is NO! Behaviours are just learned responses to certain stimuli. For example, if you're always scared of meeting or talking to beautiful women, it is because sometime in your life, you learned to associate fear with talking to a beautiful woman. One way you can change this, is by adopting "reciprocal behaviours". Reciprocal behaviours are reactions that competes with each other. If a reciprocal reaction can be evoked in a situation that usually elicit a different response, when this is done, the old reaction will be weakened. Learning occurs as the new response grows stronger, while the old response grows weaker. For example: relaxation is the reciprocal to anxiety, assertiveness is reciprocal to shyness, and positive thoughts is reciprocal to negative thoughts. This reciprocal reactions will weaken the less desirable reactions, if only they can be consistently practiced and evoked under conditions that would normally exit the old reactions. In otherwords, if you really want this negative thoughts or behaviour to change, you have to go out into the field, begin to look out for the good behaviours you want to adopt, apply and instill those good behaviours inside you. Begin to practice them, until they're ingrained in you and become part of your life. You must begin to read books on positive thoughts, always resist every bad or evil thoughts immediately they're trying to creep into your mind. Consistently resist every negative thoughts, and never give any place to them in your mind. To practice this very well, always take into cognizance of when those old feelings and thoughts usually springs up, and apply those strategies to get rid of them. Change is a step process. You must first figure out what situations evokes these negative thoughts and behaviours, then expose yourself to varying degrees of that situation, until you feel completely comfortable with it. The systematic practice of this sensitization technique is critical to your success. The sink-or-swim methods, like, "throwing you into the flames" that most people recommend, can be less successful and much more stressful. Moreover, "sink or swim" methods might make the symptoms worse, by re-enforcing your negative thoughts and beliefs. However, real life hierarchies can be inconvenient to arrange and also difficult to control. Fortunately, it isn't always necessary to confront real situations, in order to change your behaviours in these situations. If you have a vivid imagination and respond to images of a situation in the same way you respond to the situation itself, it's possible to re-educate yourself at home and in the office. It is very pertinent that you don't imagine situations that are too intense. Doing so, will certainly reinforce and re-introduce the old reactions, instead of practicing the new habits. Though, it can be a very long and hard task to accomplish, but it is absolutely rewarding. PLEASE POST YOUR COMMENTS.

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