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Friday, 6 December 2013

What Our Leaders Ought To Know!

Leadership is a sacred call to serve humanity, to make positive impacts in the lives of others. Even God himself respects leaders, and holds them in high esteem. Right from the old time, God has always appointed leaders to lead his people. Moses, Joshua, Samuel, Gideon are few examples of leaders appointed by God to lead the children of Israel in the bible. He has so much regards for leaders irrespective of how small or feeble they looked. They're stewards and must give account of their leadership roles. However, in our contemporary time, especially in our democratic system of government, where political leaders emerge, God no longer appoints leaders for his people. It is by the peoples choice through voting, where people vote to elect who leads them. Which ever way a leader emerges in any country, he or she has the duty to uphold the tenets of leadership and serve his or her followers meritoriously. Because they must give account of their position as a leader. However, lack of quality leadership has being a major problem all over the world. A lot of our leaders have lost the real meaning and essence of being a leader. They're no longer concerned about service to humanity, making positive impacts in the lives of their followers and leaving lasting legacies that will be difficult to forget. Their ultimate interest in vying for any leadership position is power, money and fame. They equate wealth and power to good and quality leadership. And this mentality has become the major problem of quality leadership. Most of our contemporary leaders no longer believe in the saying "A good name is better than silver and gold". Leaders are not remember because of the amount of wealth they possess nor the power they wield, they're always remembered for good and positive impacts they where able to make in the lives of their followers. Leaders like, Martin Luther King Jr. Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela and so many other great leaders in the past, are not being celebrated because of their wealth or power, rather for their selfless-service to humanity. Do our contemporary leaders believe in, a good name is better than power and wealth? Until they answer yes, to these question and impress it upon themselves to always do the right thing, we can never get our leadership right. A leader is expected to serve the followers selflessly, has the interest of his or her followers at heart and ready to protect it. A leader is not expected to gratify selfish purpose or personal interest above collective interest. His or her passion is always to do the right things at all times, affect the lives of his followers in a positive way and determine to leave behind lasting legacies and good precedence to serve as a model for upcoming leaders. Leaders should know that at the end of time, what they're going to be remembered for, is how many lives they were able to touch and affect positively, not the wealth they possess, the power they wield nor their domineering and autocratic leadership style. Until our leaders begins to have these mentality of leaving behind a good name, have the passion to serve humanity, make good impacts in peoples lives and leave behind a lasting legacy, then things will definitely not change in the world. But come to think of it, have you ever ask yourself this question, if you acquire all the wealth in the world and wields all the power, and you die today, are all the monies and power going with you to the grave? What are we even struggling for in life? To grab everything that comes our way, is it really necessary? When we die, we live those things behind. So what is then the essence of all this power and wealth. The beauty of life is to use your position as a leader to touch lives, that's absolutely the best investment you can ever make in life, because when you die, your good works will stand and speak for you, and you'll be leaving behind a footprint in the sands of time that cannot be washed away so soon. Everything we acquire and possess in this life is vanity. Because they'll all perish here on earth, but what lives on and lasts forever is your good works to others, and how you were able to make someone smile with your position as a leader. A leader is expected to uphold high moral standards, because a leaders sin is a leading sin.

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