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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

How To Overcome Stress.

Stress is a feeling of tiredness, fatigue, weakness, dizziness and general uncomfortablity of the body. Stress can be caused by a lot of things. You probably had a bad day at workplace because of a nagging boss, work overload, worry and anxiety or any unpleasant situation that confronts you in life, they can give rise to stress and make your body feel very weak. But one thing you must settle in your mind is that, as long as life continues, there must always be some unfavourable situations that will definitely make you feel very uncomfortable and consequently, result in stress. One thing that makes stress persist and last longer than when it is supposed to, is concentrating too much on that challenge or unpalatable situation. Now lets talk about some of the signs and symptons of stress. How do you know that someone is passing through stress? One of the signs someone passing through stress exhibits is, "Aggression". If you had had an encounter with someone under stress, one thing you'll certainly notice in their behaviour is aggression. Someone who is passing through strenous times is extremely aggressive. Any little comment you make at that moment can trigger off provocations and make him or her react in a rude and unpleasant manner. Stress gives rise to aggression. When you see someone who you know to be very calm and gentle suddenly becomes aggressive at you for no justifiable reasons, don't feel bad or pick offence immediately, if you examine them very well you'll discover that such a person might just be passing through stress. All you've got to do, is to leave them alone for that moment. Another sign someone who is passing through stress will exhibit is, "Irrational Thinking or Reasoning". Do you know someone who is very sound in mind, thinks and reasons very normal and logical, and also gives very good and reasonable opinions, advice and suggestions about a particular issue, but abruptly starts thinking and reasoning in an illogical and irrational manner, and also gives irrelevant opinions about a matter that's being discussed. Such a person might just be under stress. Why do i say so? Because stress affects a persons psyche or sense of reasoning and perception, especially when you allow a particular problem to dominate all your thoughts and meditations. And mostimes, when you're stressed, especially at the workplace, you definitely cannot do much and you'll achieve little. Another sign you'll notice in people passing through stress is, "Lonliness or Refraining From People". People who are going through stress always want to refrain from talking to people and keep to themselve. This attidude is natural because the body is trying to sought out itself and adapt to a new lease of life. We've talked so much about the causes and signs of stress. Now lets talk about how to overcome stress. Like i said earlier, one thing that increases stress is concentrating and thinking too much on that particular problem. When you concentrate so much on that unfavourable situation, it will rather aggravate than ameliorate it. You need to stop giving that challenge so much thoughts and just forget about it, to avoid hurting yourself the more. When you stop thinking about it, it will gradually wane. Take some time out to relax and cool-off your head so that your body can gradually adjust and sought out itself. Go out, visit recreational centres to exercise yourself and have fun. As a warning, don't proceed in your job at the workplace if you're having a stressful time, always take out time to ease yourself of the stress before proceeding in that job. This is my candid opinion and advice. YOUR COMMENTS ARE APPRECIATED!

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