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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

How To Improve Your Sexuality As A Man.

A lot of people have always asked, if a man can be sexy or sexual. And some who knows asks, how can a man improve his sexuality? Sexuality is one thing most women use to attract men. Women are very good at being sexual than men. They are very good at using their sexuality as tool to conspicously bring men closer to them. They know that being sexual and using their sexuality, is a powerful tool in making men fall to their whims and caprices. But men typically have got no idea of what it means to be sexual as a man or how to be sexual. Men always attributes sexuality to women, and think it's only a woman that can be sexual, because that's how they understand sex. But that's absolutely wrong. Men too can be sexy or sexual, and being so will get many women to become attracted to you, just as easily as men are to women. Until you improve your sexuality as a man, you'll not appear so much likeable and attractive to women. But how can you improve your sexuality as a man? I know that's the question that must be going through your mind right now. Don't worry, i'll tell you. There's a difference between a man's sexuality and that of a woman. A woman sexuality is easily visible on the outside. The round shape, curves, figure 8, sexy eyes, lips, legs, catwalking and all the anatomical and physiological structure of a woman's body makes her appear physically sexy and sexual. But the anatomical and physiological structure of a man's body does not make for him to appear physically sexy. A man can be handsome and good looking with broader shoulders, side bears and mustache, but it doesn't make him sexual. This is because a man's sexuality is not external, but inside. If not, why do some women prefer, get attracted and go after less handsome and good looking men, despite the fact that they already have a more handsome guy? It is because those men understands what it means for a man to be sexual and they always displays their sexuality at the right time, particularly in the presence of such women. They know that is what a woman wants, and they wittingly or unwittingly use it to bring them closer. Hence, it is not the outward adonis nature of a man that makes him sexual, though it may make him appear very attractive and likeable, but it certainly cannot bring out a woman's real affections towards him. Therefore, what can then bring out a woman's real affection towards a man? It is a man's sexuality. And what is a man's sexuality? And how can a man be sexual? You may want to ask. A man's sexuality is tied to his masculine nature. And these masculine qualities and characteristics is what a woman is looking for, and not the physiological body structure of the man. Naturally, a man is expected to be strong, tough, fearless, courageous, aggressive, egoistic, brave, protective, intelligent, analytical and always in control of situations. A man is supposed to be on top of his game at all times. He's the head, and must always take deliberate responsibility to be seen as that. A man can improve his sexuality when he always acts manly in displaying the qualities listed above. He must act manly at all times. However, acting manly does not mean being a bully or canterkerous. Rather, he must always show the best characteristics of what it's to be a man. Using your sexuality as a man means being strong, brave, courageous, acting timely, focused, straight-forward, irrepressive for the right course, protective and allowing your masculine energy to radiate from inside of you. These characteristics makes you appear sexual as a man and attracts so much respect to you from the opposite gender. No woman wants to have a man that cannot protect her, always fearful, lacks courage, easily intimidated, lacks integrity, that cannot take decisions and responsibilities. If you really want to endear yourself to a woman's heart, you must posses these qualities, because it thrills any woman. Now, how can you improve or develop your sexuality as a man? First, you must build your character. Develop yourself. Learn some physical and mental skills that will build up your character and develop your courage. Learn to improve yourself, educationally, mentally, physically, psychologically and otherwise. Exercise regularly, undergo some trainings that will help boost your courage and self-esteem as a man. All these will assist you in building your masculine qualities and characteristics and improve your sexuality as a man. In the temperaments, men that have a combination or a trace of the choleric temperament in them, easily exhibits this masculine sexuality and are easily attractive to women. A sanguine, melancholy or phlehmatic that has little choleric nature in them will exhibit some amount of a man's sexuality. This is because the choleric temperament reflects a man's sexuality. If you take a survey of many marriages or relationships, you'll discover that men with some level of choleric temperament are sincerely and deeply loved by their partner than any other.

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