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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

How Introverts Can Overcome Low Self-Esteem.

Human beings are composed of some intrinsic qualities and characteristics which makes up the totality of a person's whole being. These qualities often reflects outwards in their relationship with other. Some of them are natural, which means they inherited them from the genes of their parents that was passed unto them at birth, hence those traits were transferred to them. Any trait, either positive or negative a persons exhibits must have its root from somewhere and predominantly from our parents. The genes you inherited from your parents affects your personality and plays a major role in your relationship with people. Others picked up some of these traits from their environment in the course of interacting with people around them. Whichever trait a persons portrays, is due to the person's temperament. Talking about temperament, temperament is what makes a human being behave or act the way he does. From the book of 'Tim Lahaye' temperament is the sum total of a persons whole being. It is what determines how you eat, read, drive, clean your environment, act or react, relate with your wife and kids and everybody around you. Temperament controls every behaviour you put up in life. There are four classes of temperaments: Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholy and Phlegmatic are the four classes of temperaments and they are further classified into the "Introverts and Extroverts". Sanguine and Choleric are Extroverts while Melancholy and Phlegmatics are Introverts. However, this post is not intended to disuss in details about the temperaments, but to focus on a particular trait, which is also influenced by the temperament. Self-esteem is a very popular and important quality that's always talked about by so many people. Self-esteem has to do with the value a person attaches to him or herself. It is how one rates oneself, when relating with others. A lot of people often battle with the challenge of low self-esteem. They have a poor rating of themselves and attach little or no value to their person. Poor or low self-esteem comes from within, it's an internal thing and becomes visible on the outside. Therefore, if you're battling with low self-esteem, you must begin to look inwards and change some wrong perceptions you have about yourself. What are some of the causes of low self-esteem? Like i stated ealier, some of the traits we exhibits are natural. We acquired them from our parents. Going back to the temperaments, the introverts which are mainly Melancholies and Phlegmatics are more likely to suffer more from low self-esteem than the Sanguines and Cholerics, which are Extroverts. The Melancholies and Phlegmatics are extremely intelligent. The melancholies particularly are very intelligent and analytical group of people, infact they're the most intelligent people on earth. Like we know about the introverts, they like keeping to themselves, and have little time to spend with others. However, it's quiet unfortunate that these gifted and intelligent people still battles with the challenge of low self-esteem. Hence, if you have melancholy or phlegmatic parents, then be sure you must posses some traits of low self-esteem. And no matter how you try to get rid of it, some trace of it must be there because it is internal. There are various factors that are responsible for the low self-esteem of the introverts (Melancholies and Phlegmatics). Melancholies have a perfectionist attitude. They like everything to be hundred percent right and perfect, which is certainly unrealizable. They feel very incomplete and under-achieved when they do not get it hundred percent done, and feel others could have done better. The melancholies are never satisfied with whatever they've achieved. They put themselves under so much responsibility and intense pressure. The perfectionist and insatiable nature of the melancholies makes them have a poor rating of themselves and attach little value to their personality. This attitude consequently makes them develop low or poor self-esteem in their relationship with others. Melancholies can overcome their low self-esteem by realizing the fact that nobody is perfect, and nothing done by anyone can be 100 percent perfect without any fault. You've got to come out with a more positive mindset of yourself and avoid trying to please everyone. Introverts are generally confronted with the challenge of low self-esteem. This is usually due to their gregarious lifestyle of always keeping to themselves. Thereby, making them develop poor self-confidence and self-esteem whenever they meet new people. In other to overcome this challenge, the introverts should endeavour to relate with more people, and always have a positive mindset and perception about themselves. Always realize that you're no less a person, and believe you've got all it takes to be better than anyone in the world. "Change the negative perceptions you have about yourself and your self-esteem will be boosted."

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