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Saturday, 7 February 2015

The Secret Of Living A Happy And Fulfilled Life.

What is the real secret of living a happy and fulfilled lifestyle? This question is very important because, until you discover the real secret of having real peace and happiness in life, you cannot discover your true potential and accomplish all that God has destined you to accomplish in life. A lot of people are constantly on a quest for true happiness and are embarking on a long journey of finding their true potentials and the real purpose of their existence. But the big question is, what is the secret of living a happy and fulfilled life? Is it wealth, riches, comfort, pleasure, success, education, jewelleries, Cars, landed properties or any other good things you can get in life? Material and ephemeral things of life may make you temporarily happy and feel comfortable in life, but they'll certainly not guarantee you lasting peace and happiness that will make you feel fulfilled in life. I once had a friend who was on the better side of life, he had virtually every good thing needed to make life very interesting and enjoyable. He's very comfortable and had nothing to worry about in life, because all he needed to make life very comfortable for him was provided for, by his parents. John was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. But it is astonishing to know that people who are on the better side of life, who can afford the best things life can offer still battle with an inner feeling of rejections, uncertainty, insecurity and unhappiness. Oftentimes, you see John staying away from friends, feeling lonely, dejected, in a moody and unhappy state. When i tried to find out from him what the problem was, he tells me nothing and immediately tries to cover it up by becoming cheerful again. The next moment you see him going back to the same moody and unhappy state, hence i knew and was convinced that there was a problem but didn't really know the cause. From that time, i began to research and study human behaviours and relationship to try to decipher the cause of unhappiness in a man's life and discover the real secret of living a happy and fulfilled life. This is the main reason why i'm sharing this topic with you today, to help you permanently overcome unhappiness, lead a peaceful life and accomplish what you're destined to accomplish in life. It's expedient for you to know that unpleasant situations may make you feel very sad and depressed. That's absolutely natural for every human being, but it's suppose to wane with time. But if such unhappy and depressed mood continues unabated, then there's a problem. However, living a happy life or being in a joyful mood always does not mean you're not going to encounter challenges or unpleasant situations. It is an inner feeling of satisfaction, completeness and fulfilment that radiates on the outside and reflects in your actions and relationship with others. Wealth, riches, or any other material things does not gaurantee satisfaction, because of the insatiability of man, neither does it bring lasting peace and happiness, and consequently fulfilment in life. Just like the case of John, i believe a lot of people are in that category. They are never happy about anything in life, they always feel depressed, dejected and downcasted. However, some people are naturally happy people. They're not so much affected by challenges or any unpleasant situations of life. If you're one of those few persons, then you're most fortunate, and you ought to be thankful to God because you've got a very rare gift that most people wish they had. But if you feel incessantly unhappy about yourself, or you lack peace of mind and you feel very unfulfilled and incomplete inside you. There's no need to worry anymore, because i've got the remedy for you. I was once a victim of this, until i discovered this basic truth on the secret of living a happy and fulfilled life. If you'll stick to my advice and counsel, i can assure you of living a happy and fulfilled life in no distant time. You must understand that there are two main secrets of happiness in life, and which also leads to a feeling of satisfaction and fulfilment. The first secret of happiness in life is to realize that God is the source of happiness. Yes, this is very necessary. You must recognize God as the source of every good thing in life, including happiness. Having a good relationship with God, gives you an inner happiness that endures even when challenges arises. Hence, you need to realize that God is the originator of happiness. The second secret of happiness in life has to do with your relationship with people. Wealth and material things does not gaurantee happiness and fulfilment in life. Just like king solomon in the bible, who kept not back from himself anything his eyes saw and desires. But he called them vanity and vexation of spirit. Learn to forgive everyone, avoid bearing any grudge, and also help the less privileged with your resources. A good relationship with God and man is necessary for living a happy and fulfilled life.

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