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Friday, 27 February 2015

Three Categories Of People In The World.

The world we live in is full of actions and reactions. A philosopher once said that "life is ten percent action and ninety percent reaction". In our relationship as individuals, a time comes when some little misunderstandings engenders actions taking against ourselves. These actions often comes in diverse forms depending on the individual involved. The main objective of this post is for you to discover the three different reactions by three categories of people to the same action against them. This will enable you to discover the category you belong and also categorize everybody you relate with, so that you can have a better relationship. A famous scientist, Sir Isaac Newton, in 1884 published a work called "principia" from which he clearly statef the three laws of motion. From his third law, i quote "To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction". This invariably means that actions and reactions are equal and opposite. For instance, if you fire a bullet from a gun, that's an action, the equal and opposite reation is that you notice yourself jerk backwards as a result of the momentum with which the bullet leaves the gun. Hence, this principle also applies in our everyday interactions and relationships amongst ourselves. When you take an action against someone, either pleasant or unpleasant you should always anticipate an equal and opposite reaction. However, these reactions often comes in divers forms depending on who's at the receiving end. Now, lets get down to the nitty-gritty of the this post. Have you ever been hurt, humiliated or treated with disdain by someone you love and respect or even a total stranger? How did you react to their action? Did you ignore the person and walk away? Were you blunt in retaliation? Or you picked your pen and diary to register the day that action was taken against you? Frankly speaking, every one of us at one point or the other is confronted with these actions in life, probably from a loved one, relative, people we love and respect or even total strangers. Certainly, unpleasant actions must always come but what matters is how we react to them. The first category are those that when you humiliate or treat them with disdain, they immediately give it back to you without minding whose ox is gored, or consider the level of respect and regards they've got for you before. These categories pays you back in your own coin instantly, especially if you're a total stranger or not as important to them as would warrant them overlook your actions. I call them the "BLUNT" category. If you hurt them or verbally attack their personality, then be sure you would be in for a showdown, because they're always ready for an immediate payback and they are not afraid of any threat. Their interest is letting you know they're not cowards and you cannot trample on them and go free. These categories are not the most gentle or patient of all humans. They are very belligerent, and this attitude makes them being avoided by people around them, hence they unknowingly build a defense around themselves and their loved ones. They show no regrets for their actions. They feel cheated and see themselves as cowards if they ignore your actions without retaliating. Hence, they believe in a "tooth for a tooth and a tat for a tat". A lot of people have an aversion for these category, which makes them unwilling to get involved in their affairs. However, despite the fact that they're very aggressive and cantekerous but they're not as attrocious or deadly as people take them to be. They do not bear grudes against anyone, as long as they're able to vent their displeasure. Now, lets discuss the second category. When these categories of people are hurt, humiliated or treated with disdain they simply ignore you and walk away, sometimes without making any comment. If your're a close person they love and respect, they 'll begin to avoid you and subsequently keep their distance from you. But if you're a total stranger, they'll either take an exception to your action and make you feel worthless or utter a very sarcastic word that will belittle you and make you feel bad about yourself, which is the limit they can go with you for that day. Howerver, these categories are generally peaceful and patient. I call them the "PATIENT" group. They only react when pushed to the wall, and their reaction is always very deadly. They do not bear grudges against their offenders. These categories are very gentle and peace loving, but a lot of people often mistake their gentleness for cowardice. But they can be very deadly when pushed to the wall or provoked beyond measure, especially when you continue to take their peaceful disposition for granted or as an occassion to incessantly humiliate them. These categories are very forgiving, hence they do not have permanent foes. The third are the "PRETENTIOUS" group. These people pretends not to be hurt by your actions, but they're waiting for the right time to retaliate all your actions.

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