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Monday, 2 March 2015

How To Become Famous In The World.

A lot of people have always desired to become famous in the world. But fame does not happen abruptly, it comes with its own challenges and sacrifices. Fame can come in different ways but for two reasons. You can be famous for the wrong reasons or for the right reasons. Someone can be famous for being notorious, or you can become popular for being the next Stowaway. Fame can be achieved in diverse ways, depending on which area you want to channel your energy towards, and you're ready to make sacrifices. But in this context, i'm talking about being famous for the right reasons or doing the right thing. Whether it is the fifteen minutes of fame on social media that was predicted, or the long time fame, being famous requires you to be creative and do extraordinary things that will catch the attention of a good number of people. Now, how do you become famous in the world? Remember, i'm not talking about that fifteen minutes of fame which so many of us might later attain. For instance, if you've got a good number of followers on twitter and your tweet is being retweeted many times by your followers, that might just be your 15 minutes of fame on Twitter. Or if you've got a post that gets shared and liked by a lot of people that might also be your 15 minutes of fame on Facebook. But these are short term fame which some of us might achieve one day on social media. However, in this post, we are looking at the long time fame in what you've chosen to do in life. A lot of writers had written about becoming famous, and it will run a whole gamut of the human race if all writers were to write down their knowledge and ideas on how to achieve fame. A lot of writers has always told you not chase after fame, but you should rather be consistent in doing your passion and fame will follow after you. I can't agree less with their advice. Apparently, the first secret to becoming famous in life is to discover your passion. What is your passion in life? What do you know how to do well and you love doing? Discovering your passion and being consistent in putting it to work, is the secret to becoming famous. And until you discover your passion in life and make deliberate effort to consistently put it to action, you cannot achieve fame. There are a lot of famous people in the world today, who achieved fame in their different areas of endeavours. Some rose to the peak of their careers in singing, fashion, football, athletics, writing, blogging and in various areas that adds value to life. Fame starts from discovering your passion, creating a niche for yourself, being consistent and good at what you're doing. After discovering your passion, and choosing the niche you want to focus on, you must learn to always be consistent in doing ordinary things in an extra-ordinary way. The desire to become famous requires diligence and consistency in doing what you love doing, and know how to do it better than others. It takes time, hence it requires patience. It doesn't matter how long it may take, what matters is, being consistent and focused in your passion and chosen niche. Don't be discouraged by how long it may take you or begin to consider how long it took others to get there, it starts with just a step and the determination to get there. This is why you don't need to desire to become famous forget about it, just follow your passion and be consistent in putting it to action, and the fame will come. You can become a famous footballer, athletes, blogger, singer, writer, fashion celebrity, golfer, etc. Since your target is to hit the whole world, you must choose a niche that appeals to a good number of people or a niche that adds value to the life of others. Discover some challenges confronting the entire world, like the challenges of terrorism, climate change and global warming, leadership problems or any other challenge that's affecting humans, and be creative in coming up with a solution by blogging, writing or singing about them. To become famous in the world, you must do some great things that will add value to life and impact positively on the life of others. The teenage Pakistani girl, Malala Yousafzai is famous because of her advocacy for the right to education of the girl child in Pakistan. Her passion and course, had today made the education of the girl child to be taken more seriously in Pakistan and the World at large. What is your passion an motivation in life? You certainly need to discover and follow it, in other to become famous. Apart from discovering your passion and working hard towards achieving world fame, some people also become famous by dating, marrying or connecting to others who are already famous and renown in the world. Kate Middleton became famous for marrying Prince Williams. Hence, having a link or connection with people who are already famous can also make you famous. But that's a cheap way of attaining fame, which does not happen always. The best way is to discover your passion and use it to add value to life.

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