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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

How To Break The Habit Of Masturbation In Twenty-One Days.

Of all the habits that tends to make a man sexually weak and inactive, masturbation is the most prominent of them. Masturbation is a very bad habit especially when addicted to it. Frequent and prolonged masturbation lowers a man's sexual libido. It's capable of making a man to become sexually incapacited, particularly as he gets older. Every man is at birth, created to be sexually active, and any healthy man is expected to get sexually aroused and respond to some sexual stimuli when it is time to do so. But it is very unfortunate that some men find it very difficult to get sexual arousal, respond to their partners sexual advances or even live up to their sexual responsibilities at home. This case is most times, consequent upon some bad habits you inadvertently get yourself indulge in, and you ignorantly practice them without knowing that you're doing more harm to yourself. The wet dream which is a sign of puberty, that every man experienced at an earlier stage, that is the adolescent age is very natural, and it is an indication that you're sexually active as a man. Hence, that sexual activity is supposed to continue, even till you get older in life to keep you sexually active and stong. But some of these bad habits you picked up as you go through life, tends to distort this natural sexual occurence and make you sexually weak and inactive. This is why in this post, we are going to delve into this bad habit of masturbation, and show you how you can overcome them. There are some bad habits that are very difficult to break and come off it. Masturbation is certainly one of such habits, especially when so much addicted to. There are two kinds of bad habits, the one that's due to external influence, and the other due to internal influence. Habits, such as smoking, drinking, clubbing etc are all caused by some external influence and they're all more easier to break, unlike the ones due to some internal influence, like masturbation, which comes from within. Habits such as masturbation are very hard to break because they are prompted by some inordinate sexual urge, which if uncontrolled can result in frequent masturbation. Hence, the more you get yourself indulge in this bad habit, the more you do more harm to your sexual life, by weakning your sex-drive towards your partner. In my previous post, i discussed in details how masturbation can affect your sexual libido and weaken you sex organs. But this post is aimed at showing you how you can overcome this bad habits within twenty-one days and improve your sex life. One thing you must know about bad habits is that, it takes twenty-one days to form bad habits, therefore it will also take twenty-one days to break it. It takes discipline to overcome any bad habit, but it takes much more discipline and some action steps to overcome masturbation. Since masturbation is influenced by some internal factors, which also results from some inordinate sexual thoughts and imaginations. The act of masturbation does not happen abruptly, it is preceeded by some unholy sexual thoughts and imaginations. Hence, in other to overcome masturbation, you must first and foremost deal with these unholy sexual thoughts and imaginations that propels you into masturbating. Deal with these wrong sexual imaginations, endeavour to always put them under control and never allow them to overcome you. Apparently, this act of masturbation is always carried out when you're alone in a lonely place. Loneliness and idleness creates an environment that's required to perpetrate the act of masturbation. This is usually because, the human mind is never a neutral ground. It cannot be idle for a minute. It's always a battle ground for both positive and negative thoughts and imaginations. Since the human mind is built in such a way that it is more susceptible to some bad thoughts and imaginations, hence you're most times trapped in this bad habit, if you don't discipline yourself and put your ignoble sexual imaginations under control. Therefore, if you really want to break this bad habit, you must endeavour to always avoid being idle or alone in a lonely place, particularly in your room, in other not to create an atmosphere that causes these wrong imaginations to thrive, and probably overwhelm you in the long run, which also leads you into masturbating. You must be very vigilant and watch out for any inordinate sexual imaginations. Identify your weaknesses, if these wrong sexual thoughts and urge will make you masturbate when you're alone, then you must be disciplined enough to leave that lonely environment, go outside, meet people or engage in some meaningful activities. By the time you comeback, that thought would have evaporated and the urge waned. Moreover, it takes 21 days, 3weeks to form a bad habit, it also takes 3 weeks to break it. After the first one or two weeks the urge and pressure will become intense, but if you can discipline yourself hard enough for 3 weeks, you'll certainly overcome it.

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