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Saturday, 7 March 2015

How You Can Help Change The World.

A young boy of 10 once said to himself, "when i grow up, i will change my world". This he said to his parents and friends. At exactly 20, he began working towards achieving his dream. His modus operandi was to go from one continent to the other to preach about change and admonish them on the need to change their attitudes. He decided to list the continents alphabetically, hence he started with Africa. He needed to go round all the countries in Africa to conscientize the citizens on the need for attitudinal change. Hence, he took off his journey immediately.But he soon realized that it will be a white elephant project with huge financial commitments to embark on a journey of going from one continent to another to tell the people why they have to change their attitude. Therefore, he dropped that initial plan of working of going from one continent to another, and later limited himself to focus only on his continent. He said to himself, "Since i can't go round the entire continents of the world, i think i should limit myself to my continent and start from there". He began the journey of going round the entire countries in his continent. He visited the first country, but he was faced with the challenge of meeting different people with different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Different languages and religious beliefs, and he found it difficult to communicate and interact with them in a language they can understand. He became dissapointed and unhappy because his dream of changing the world is always being confrontend with difficult challenges to surmount. Being very sad about it, he again said to himself, "Since i cannot go round the entire continents of the world, and am also being faced with the challenge of understanding and communicating in the language of every tribe in my continent, i think it will be more profitable to focus on my own country and probably start from there. At least, this is my country and i believe it will be easier to change my fellow citizens than the citizens of other nationalities". Therefore, he began going to every state in his country, going to the streets, printing hand bills and posters, going to media houses: radio stations, TV stations and the print medias to talk about change, and also encourage the people to change their attitudes towards each other. To his chagrin, he discovered that the wrong attitudes of his fellow citizens were not changing. Infact, it looks as if the more he tries to talk to them about change and appeal to them to have a change of attitude, the more they despise him and continued in their bad behaviours, and were even getting worse. He became very dissappointed and frustrated by the discouraging attitudes of his fellow citizens. Not relenting on his ambition, he resolved to narrow his dream of changing the world down to his community, where he has substantial influence on his kinsmen and kinswomen. And he felt they would be willing and ready to accept his doctrine of attitudinal change. Consequently, he decided to go back to his immediate community to spend some quality time with them, and preach to them his sermon of change and why they should embrace his change philosophy, eventhough for a very long time, he had not been going to see them. He started going from one compound to another and one family to the other, and also on the streets, track and farm roads and using town criers to tell anyone he sees about change and character reformation. But he soon discovered that it was even more difficult to cause anyone to have a change of attitude at the community level. Because they see him as a greedy, selfish and self-centered man who does not care about anyone but himself alone. They further despised him and called him all sorts of names. They would not even listen to any sermon on attitudinal change coming from him, because of his antecedents. He became further discouraged, disappointed and very frustrated. At this time, he was almost giving up on his dream. But he summoned courage and decided to go back to his family. He said to himself, "Since i can't change anyone, i think its better i go back to my family where i have all the authority, and start from there". He went back immediately, he called his wife and 3 kids together, and said "from today, i want everyone to change from his or her wrong attitude to the right attitudes. Every morning, he'll call them out to preach about this change. But to his dismay, as the children were growing up, they were all going their own ways and imbibing the wrong attitudes. He became extremely disappointed and frustrated. Now he's 40. And when he came down to his senses, he said to himself "Since i could neither change my world, nor my continent, nor my country, not even my community and my family, i think i will change MYSELF". It took him to get to 40 before he realizes that, to change the world, the change must begin with him. Whatever you can't change before 40, you can't change it after 40. IT BEGINS WITH YOU!

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