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Monday, 30 March 2015

How To Discover The Sleeping Giant Within You.

Are you wondering what sleeping giant you've got inside you? Or you're probably finding it very difficult identifying the sleeping giant within you? Well, you don't have to worry about that, because it is very easy to identify or recognize the sleeping giant inside you, but the difficult thing is waking it up, unleashing, and letting it produce the desire result of climbing to the zenith of success. A lot of people are always conscious of the fact that they've got a sleeping giant lying perpetually dormant inside them, but how to awaken the giant and unleashing it for their quest for success remains a huge challenge, and this has obviously stalled their success and break-throughs in life. But for others, they even find it very difficult recognizing that sleeping giant in them, they try a whole lots of things but cannot really ascertain their real passion, talent or area of direction in life, and they find themselves getting bored when their endeavours are not yielding any result of encouragement to them and they eventually abandon whatever they've begun. This attitude also keeps their success static and they find them-selves always on the same level. How do you identify the sleeping giant in you? I don't know. You're the only one that can know better the potentials that lies inside you. But, it is not enough to recognize the sleeping giant in you, but to awaken, unleash and consistently nurture it by putting it work. But how do you recognize this sleepin giant? Again, i said i don't know. I don't know the sleeping giant in you, but i can only recommend 3 key ways you can use to discover that sleeping giant in you. If you can adopt these three remedies, i can assure you of discovering that giant within you in no distant time. The first important way of discovering that sleeping giant is to, "Discover Your Passion". What is passion? Or what are you passionate about? Your passion is something you just desire and love doing without anyone there to compel you to do it. It is something that makes you happy, feel fulfilled and complete even when no one seems to notice or appreciate you. Your passion is your hobby. Something you're very comfortable with, and you derive fulfilment and satisfaction from anytime you complete the task. It can be Blogging to share knowledge online, writing, teaching people, convincing someone to buy a product (salesmanship), music, arts, ICT and anything you have passion and affinity for, needs to be developed through patience and consistency for it to grow overtime and become visible to the world. This is one way you can discover & awaken that sleeping giant within you. The second is take up challenges, and also welcome challenges. Don't try to run away from challenges coming to you, no matter how great or small they may be always stand and confront them. Because therein, may lie that sleeping giant which will eventually awaken to inspire you to victory. Don't be idle, try your hands on a whole lot of things whether they're convienent for you or not. Because in not being idle, you'll certainly discover something that will be useful to you, and gives you satisfaction & comfortability. Idleness and procrastinations are dream killers and success delayals. And when you discover that giant or great potential in you, put it to work immediately. Don't allow it rest or remain dormant. Consistently develop it through work, work and more work. The last point i want to recommend on recognizing your sleeping giant is to, ask your friends, attend motivational and inspirational seminars by various renowned thought leaders and motivational speakers. This can actually help you to discover your potential faster and awaken that sleeping giant within. However, it is not enough listening to motivational speakers or thought leaders, but you must endeavour to take some practical steps to actualize your dreams. Because no one can motivate you more than the extent you motivate yourself. Also ask three to five of your close friends to write down ten things about you, about your strengths and weaknesses, your character, passion, your attitude to work, infact your temperament. Then evaluate yourself based on their observations, and compare some of their remarks about you. If three out of five of them say the same thing about you, then you can easily figure out the area your strengths lies, which can also awaken the sleeping giant within you. These are my 3 simple recommendations on how you can discover your sleeping giant.

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