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Monday, 23 March 2015

How To Discover Your Passion And Use It To Add Value To The World.

A lot of people go through life without actually discovering the purpose of their existence. They are like a bird of passage that passes over your head without making a mark. You need to understand that the purpose of your existence is to add value to life by impacting positively on the lives of others. Hence, if you're not adding value to life then you're obviously not fulfilling your responsibility and living up to your full potential. However, you cannot add value to life except you discover your passion and use it to make positive impacts in the lives of others. This is so because you cannot give what you don't have. Therefore, the first step to adding value to the world is to discover your passion in life. Without passion, nothing worth the while can be achieved. It is passion that motivates you to go the extra mile to achieve the extra-ordinary. Now, having made this point clear, the question that should come to your mind right now is: What is my passion? How can i discover it? Every human has a passion for something, but most times, not the passion to add value to life. If you desire to buy a particular car, that's a passion. If you want to build a particular house, it's a passion. If you're attracted to a particular lady and you've been doing everything possible to get her, it's a passion. Anything you crave for that you've not gotten yet is a passion. But this quests do not add value to people's lives and to the world. To add value to the world, and leave lasting legacies in the lives of people, your passion must be people-oriented, aims to improve lives and make the world a better place. For some people, it might be really difficult discovering your passion or what you really want in life, because we're always presented with different choices. Sometimes, you might want to take a particular direction or go into a particular niche or area of life but you soon discover that it isn't the best way to go and you quickly abandon it and decide to look at other areas. Most times, it isn't because you fail to discover your passion, but because you lack focus and consistency in whatever you're doing. It is important for you to know that without focus and consistency in whatever area of life you choose, you cannot achieve your dreams, make any impact and add value to the world. However, for those who find it very awkward discovering their passion, there's only one way you can discover your passion in life and use it to add value to the world. First, you must ask yourself some salient questions. "What are my really passionate about in life"? How can i use my passion to add value to the world? Asking these important question will make you to start looking inwards to discover your potential. For you to be able to discover your passion, there must be a motivating factor, something that drives you to take action. You passion must come from within you, there must be an inner propeller, propelling you to take action, and that is the desire to add value to life. Therefore, what drives, motivates or propels you? A desire to add value to life is the main factor that will help you to discover your passion in life. Discovering your passion in life requires you to take action and get yourself engaged in something meaningful. Laziness, procrastination, idleness and lackadaisical attitudes are the greatest enemies to discovering your passion in life. You must get yourself in doing something meaningful, be liberal, welcome every opportunity. Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might. Ask yourself, what can i do very well. Your passion is something you love doing and you do it graciously without being pushed or compelled. You do it because you're always happy doing it, even when you're not being paid for it, or getting any instant gratification. Your passion can be anything, as long as it adds value to your life and the life of others. Your passion can also be your hobby, or something you're gifted in doing, and you do it so well and better than others. "If you make your hobby your job, you'll live never to work for someone again" Your passion must make you feel happy, complete and fulfilled in life. Whatever you're doing, or any career you choose in life, and you don't derive joy in it, you get bored doing it or you feel discouraged because you do not get any immediate financial reward or compliment, then it's obviously not your passion and you should not continue in it. Hence, you need to still look inwards to discover where your passion lies. The question now is, what are you passionate about? What is your driving force or motivating factor? And how can you unleash your potentials and use it to add value to life? Until you begin to ask yourself these important and heart-searching questions, you may never wake up to the reality of discovering your passion in life, and use it to add value to the world.

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