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Sunday, 15 March 2015

How To Make A Good First Impression.

You don't get a second chance to make a good first impression. First impression is always very important to us as human beings. We make first impression when we meet new people who might later become part of our lives, when you approach a woman as a man and try to woo her for the very first time, you make a first impression, or you're asked to present a speech at any event or even in a job interview, we all will definitely one day get that first chance to make a first impression. As you go through life, a time must come when you'll get that first chance or opportunity to make a first impression, and you must not ruin it. First impressions are very important to anyone because it opens the door to better privileges and good things. Hence, you must take it very seriously, in other not to ruin your chances or elude yourself of the benefits of making a good first impression. However, a lot of people often ruin their first chance to make a good first impression because they do not take it very seriously, hence they close their doors of better opportunities. First impressions are very important because they can either make or mar your chances of achieving your desires, and also open or close your doors of opportunities and breakthroughs. It is important because so many people take it very seriously, conclude or judge you based on the initial impression you created about yourself, and they would not even give you a second chance. Of course, you don't get a second chance to make a first impression. For instance, if you went for a job interview, and you could not sell yourself to the interviewers by making a good and lasting impression about yourself, you may never get recalled to be offered the job. Or you probably approached and tried to woo a lady for the first time, and you could not impress her to some extent, she may never want to go out on a date with you or even listen to you the next time. This is why you must be very careful with first impressions, and take it very seriously. Now, how do you make a good first impression? This is why i've chosen to discuss this topic, so that you can know how to make a good first impression when given the first chance to do so. The first and most important thing you ought to know when trying to create a good first impression is to avoid being "Jittery" and "Anxious". You need to relax yourself, calm your nerves and don't be unduly perturbed. Being jittery, anxious or unduly perturbed even before the event makes you look very uncomfortable and lacking in confidence. When you're jittered or anxious, you're bound to makes some silly and unnecessary mistakes which you'll certainly regret later, and possibly want a second chance to make amends, which you may never get. Hence, in other to avoid seeking for a second chance to make a good first impression, you must avoid being anxious, jittery and unnecessarily perturbed. You've got to relax your mind, calm your nerves and take it very simple. After working on your mind, to make it relax. The next thing you must understand if you want to create a good first impression is to take cognizance of your environment and everything around there. Look for something you can use to compliment the person or to initiate a conversation. For instance, if you're trying to woo a lady, rather than compliment her on her beauty which is very common, you can decide to compliment her for her hair, her attire or her shoes which she does not get always and you'll become exceptional in making a good first impression. In a nutshell, making a good first impression especially on a lady, requires you to be different from other men. Start the conversation and look for something different, uncommon and special to compliment her about. starting the conversation boosts your self-confidence. For a job interview, you need to sell yourself to the employers by making a good first impression about yourself in other to land you the job. The key is confidence and the ability to express yourself in a very lucid manner. Don't have an already predetermined opinion or expect that a particular question must come, hence you focus all your mind on that area. You need to be neutral, free your mind, but be vast in knowledge and prepare to answer any question that may be thrown at you. The key here is self-confidence and knowing how to approach any question that will be thrown at you. Don't try to pass a message of uneasiness or timidity, but show moderate confidence in your composure and how you approach every question. Making a good first impression anywhere is quiet very easy. You do not need any hard and fast rules to be able to do that. You've only got to be confident of yourself, avoid being jittery, uneasy or perturbed. Just relax your mind, be observant and pick out your points and opinions as the conversation progresses. Avoid any prejudice, or having a predetermined opinion to avoid being dissapointed and taken unawares. But always know the right things to say.

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