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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Introverts Or Extroverts: Who Makes A Better Leader?

The world is blessed and endowed with two major categories of persons, the 'introverts' and the 'extroverts'. It has immensely benefited from the natural qualities and attributes of this distinct personalities. Hence, the quest for a better human society and positive changes in the world cannot be achieved without the contributions of these two classes of persons. Now, the question is, who is an introvert? And who is an extrovert? The description of these two classes of persons may look very simple, but their meaning is definitely very broad. Like their names suggests and implies, introverts are the classes of persons who are much more concerned about everything internal to them. They are more concerned about themselves, and likes spending more time with themself and have little interest in what happens outside. While the extroverts on the other hand are those who are more interested in what happens outside, likes being with people outside, spends more time with others, and have very little time for themself. In a nutshell, the introverts are always turned inwards, while the extroverts are always turned outwards. This description appears to be very simple and shallow. However, to properly understand these two classes of persons and have an in-depth knowledge of both, so that we can compare both of them in terms of who can make a good leader, we need to examine their different traits, qualities and attributes and compare them with the qualities of a good leader. Don't forget that leadership problem is the major problem the world is facing today, and most countries of the world, especially the third world countries are often enmeshed in this leadership crisis. It is therefore, not surprising that these same leaders emerges from the same society and must either be an introvert or an extrovert. Notwithstanding that some might have a bit of the characteristics of both. Nevertheless, this topic is intended to critically examine and analyse the qualities of these two categories of persons and who can make a better leader between them. However, it is not intended to advocate for either of them on who should be a leader or not, but to point out their weaknessess and strengths and how they can improve or maximize them for better leadership roles. At the end of the day, it might turn-out that both of them will have to work together to achieve effective leadership. First, lets consider the strengths and weaknessess of the extroverts. Like i stated, the extroverts are turned outwards and they like being in the company of people. You can hardly see them alone for a long time. For these categories of persons, you'll naturally conclude that they'll make a good leader, since leadership is about leading people who are your followers. But is that really true? Can they make a better leader? Is always being seen with people or being in the company of the crowd a sign that one can make a good leader? Or is it good enough to predict a good leader? I'll leave you answer these questions. Major weaknessess of the extroverts are: Indiscipline, Unmeticulous, Impetuous, Sarcastic, Imapatience, Inconsiderate, they hate routines, not so much interested in details and being analytical, and they are hard to please. These are some of their basic weaknessess. Some of their strengths includes: Being courageous, Can do attitudes, friendly, humorous, good motivators and mobilizers, passionate, decisive, vocal. These are some of the strengths of the extroverts, which are also very necessary for effective leadership. But their weaknessess often makes them stutter in their leadership roles and makes them unable to achieve their goals. Now, lets consider some of the strengths and weaknessess of the introverts. Some of the weaknesses of the introverts includes: Indecision, Poor self-esteem, Underdeveloped emotions, moody, insatiable, thinking too much of themselves, inertia, perfectionists, always trying to please everyone in other to be acceptable. These are some of the weaknessess of the introverts, which always tends to make them faulter in their leadership roles. However, the introverts have some strengths and sterling qualities which makes them succeeds in leadership if well managed and blended with those of the extroverts. Some of the strengths of the introverts includes: Intelligence, detailed, analytical, Interpersonal skills, Considerate, Self-sacrificial, Resolute, very meticulous and good organizational skills. These are some of the strengths an introvert leader posseses. Any good leader must possess these qualities. However, an introvert with all these qualities cannot be effective in leadership if he lacks some of the decisive, courageous, motivational and mobilization qualities of the extroverts. Likewise, an extrovert cannot be efficient in leadership without the sterling qualities of the introverts. Hence, both of them must blend to achieve the leadership goal. A bit of each of these qualities will make you an excellent leader.

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