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Thursday, 5 March 2015

How To Build Your Interpersonal Relationship Skill.

Lack of interpersonal relationship skills has been the major factor responsible for the poor relationship among ourselves, especially our workplaces where we ought to work as a team in other to achieve a common goal. It has consequently led to misunderstandings and breakdown of human interactions and relationships. It is expedient to note that without interpersonal relationship skills, it will be difficult for humans to live, work and relate with each other. Hence, interpersonal relationship skills is a very essential and valuable skill that's necessary for humans to continue to live together in peace and harmony here on earth. Without this skills or qualities, our relationship will be characterized with frictions and hiccups, which may consequently lead to fracas and further degenerate into total breakdown of our relationships. Undoubtedly, a lot of people do not possess this all-important skills, which has been the major factor that's responsible for their inability to maintain and nurture a good relationship with others. Whether it is in their church, workplace, school, neighbourhood mosque or any other group or organization they're in, they always have reasons for getting into conflict with others, especially conflicts of interests. This attitude is very appalling and you must endeavour to change it, and build good human interpersonal relationship skills, so that you can continue to have a very peaceful and cordial relationship wherever you find yourself. There are so many causes of conflicts and lack of good relationship among ourselves. Like i stated earlier, lack of interpersonal relationship skills is a major cause of conflict among humans. However, there are so many attributes or traits that culminates into lack of interpersonal relationship skills. Hence, we will look at these attributes one after the other, and established the best form of approach to having a good and peaceful relationship with everyone. Lets get it started right away. First and foremost, you must understand that the golden rule that has to guide any peaceful and cordial relationship is, "TREAT OTHERS THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE TREATED". But a lot of people do not know or understand this rule, hence they miss the point and always gets into conflicts with their friends, colleagues, surbodinates or relatives. It is imperative you understand this golden rule and always practice it if you want to have a good and peaceful relationship with people. You must learn to see others the way you see yourself. Endeavour to relate and treat everyone the way you want them to do to you. If you wouldn't want to be deliberately ridiculed, humiliated or disdained by anyone, then you must also refrain from doing so to others. That is the golden rule and it is the only panacea to a peaceful relationship and co-existence. Learn to respect the dignity of every human being, despite how feeble and inconsequential they may be. Even if they're not up to your class or status, always learn to condescend when necessary, it doesn't make you less of who or what you are. However, some people are very conversant with this golden rule and they've always practised it, yet they still get into conflict with people. This is why we shall consider other factors that will enable us to build and shapen our interpersonal relationship skill. Proper and mutual "UNDERSTANDING" of temperaments is very necessary for developing our interpersonal relationship skills. Understanding is the lubricant that lubricates every relationship and reduces friction. When you have a proper understanding of the temperament of your team members, colleagues, boss, relatives and anyone you relate with, you'll certainly know how to better manage and relate with them, and also tolerate their weaknesses and shortcomings. Temperament is the trait a person is born with. A person can be a Sanguine, who are very unserious and indisciplined. Or a Choleric who is very sarcastic and hard to please. Or probably a Melancholy, who's a perfectionist and hard to satisfy. Or even a Phlegmatic, who's too slow, inactive and always undecided. You must learn to manage all these categories of persons in other to have a good relationship with everyone. Read more about the four classes of temperament in "Why You Act The Way You Do" by Tim Lahaye. It will help you to have a better understanding of different traits of people and develop your interpersonal relationship skills. Another factor we want to consider is to avoid being too "CONFRONTATIONAL". Notwithstanding how good we want our relationship to be and the good effort we always make to make it better. There must certainly be a time when we must encounter some disagreements and misunderstandings, which if not properly or wisely handled, could degenerate into a soured relationship. There's no perfect relationship anywhere but the ability to properly manage our weaknesses and resolve our differences will make it near perfect. Avoid being too confrontational and impetuous.

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