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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

How To Overcome Low Sexual Libido.

Low or lack of sexual libido has been a major challenge confronting most men. And it consequently threatens their relationship with their partner. A lot of men have always been accused of sexual irresponsibility by their partner, because of their inability to take charge on bed and satisfy the woman's sexual urge. Frankly speaking, no matter how handsome and good looking you are, or how physically strong and tough you may look, or how rich and wealthy you are, and all the masculine characters and sexuality traits you possess, if you cannot assume your sexual responsibility and to a reasonable extent, satisfy her on bed when it is time, sorry! She'll never be pleased or happy with you, no matter what you do.This is one major factor that's responsible for infidelities in many relationships and marriages. If you cannot be in charge in your home as a man, particularly on bed, you certainly cannot get the maximum respect you deserve. However, if you're in this category, you don't need to panic anymore, because this topic is intended to address this challenge and help you to overcome low or lack of sexual libido, which is the main cause of your inability to perform your sexual role to your partner at home. First, lets understand what we mean by sexual libido. What is sexual libido? The word "libido" is always associated with sex. Hence, sexual libido can be described as sex-drive, desire, passion and appetite for sex when needed at the right time. Therefore, a moderate sexual libido is when there's an excitement of the sex organ and the drive for sex. It is the desire and drive that causes the excitement and erection. Without this sex-drive and desire, there will either be no erection or there will be partial erection, which is also known as "Weak Erection". Consequently, the person can be said to have a low sexual libido. Every man is naturally created to, without any inhibition get attracted to the opposite sex. And no man is born with low libido, infact every healthy man is expected to once in a while get sexually emotional and aroused, especially when close to a woman. But we unknowingly get ourselves challenged by this challenge as we go through life. Probably because of some unfavourable habits we picked up that has negatively impacted on us or some bad advice we ignorantly heeded to in the past. I believe some medical scientist and even herbal doctors must have given some advices, or prescribed some remedy for low or lack of sexual libido, and some herbal specialists have some libido boosting herbal products. Probably, you've sometime ago taken their products. Now the question i want to ask you is that, how far did it go? Or to what extent has those products helped you? Please post your comment at the of this post, to let me know. The truth is that majority of these products or medicines are only for temporary or short-term measures. They do not permanently cure low libido. Which invariably means that, every time you want to engage in sex with your partner, you must take the product to boost your libido. It isn't supposed to be like that. Sexual libido is a natural occurence that happens naturally anytime you want to copulate, you don't need to force it. If it doesn't happen naturally, then it is abnormal and you ought to seek medical help. Notwithstanding, those herbal products or remedies may suffice if the cause of the low libido is infection. Untreated or poorly treated infections such as, gonorrhea, syphilis, staphylococus etc, may cause low sexual libido, which those herbal or medical prescription is intended to treat, in other to boost your libido. Sometimes, excessively taking these libido boosting products might even further compound the problem, because it negates the natural principle of copulation. However, apart from age and infections, which tends to reduce our sexual libido or sex-drive, there are some habits you ignorantly indulge in, that are more likely to reduce your sexual libido faster than any other thing, especially as you get older. The first of these habit is "Masturbation". Excessive or frequent masturbation as a man weakens your sex organ, and reduces your drive for the real sex with your partner, and also causes weak or minimum erection. This is because when you masturbate, especially when there's friction, it affects the blood veins in your organ and also the muscles, which will eventually cause some rupture and weaken the cells that are necessary to cause full erection. The next habit is frequent watching of "Pornography". Frequent watching of porn videos and pictures can lead to a low libido. The more you watch pornography, the more it gradually kills your passion and desire for the real thing at the time you ought to engage in it with your partner. That special attraction that excites your sex cells and organs will no longer be there. The last factor that may cause low sexual libido is "Stress". Never indulge in sex when you're under stress. It kills your emotions.

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