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Friday, 27 March 2015

Realizing There's A Sleeping Giant In You.

Do you know there is a sleeping giant lying inside you that needs to be awaken to its full potential? And until it is awakened, you'll continue be like a toothless bulldog. But when it is awakened, it totally transforms you into that man you ought to be, and make you one of the great achievers of our time. You are not that giant yet, it is in you, sleeps with you, moves about with you and does everything with you. But it has not been awakened to its full potential. It's lying dormant in you, lazy, inactive, unambitious and lackadaisical, because you provide it with comfort and shelter. And it will continue to remain dormant, static and inactive until you decide and say enough is enough. That giant is in every human being, but it is quiet unfortunate that so many of this sleeping giants in a lot of persons have gone into extinction, because of inactivity. Do you know that the richest place on earth is the grave? Where a lot of giants are being buried and so many talents wasted, because they were never developed and unleashed for success. What makes you unique and powerful is not your physical appearance, your stature, status or background but that sleeping giant in you that needs to be awakened to perform wonders and add value to life. You are not an ordinary person, you have what it takes to accomplish extra-ordinary things in life, if only you can realize you've got a sleeping giant in you that needs to be awakened. Awaken it to achieve great things.

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