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Monday, 13 April 2015

How To Develop Confidence In Handling Your Challenges.

You need confidence to be able to successfully handle and overcome your challenges. Click on the link below to discover how you can build or boast your confidence. It will run a whole gamut of human race if all bloggers were to write down their thoughts on how you can build or develop your confidence. But there are no hard and fast rules to developing your confidence. The secret is in doing. The only secret to developing confidence in handling your challenges is in more challenges you're confronted with. The more challenges you face in life, the more you confidence level grows. You need to always welcome challenges as they come, and strategize on the best way to overcome them. For every challenge you're able to confront and overcome, the closer you are to the zenith of success in life. Until you pass your exams in class one as a student, you can never go to class two. And before you cross over to class two, you must have gone through a whole lots of things in class one. The little challenge you're able to come face to face with, and overcome today, prepares you for a greater task ahead. Again, there are no hard and fast rules to developing confidence in handling challenges. The secret is in welcoming those challenges or tasks as they come, and devise every means of tackling and overcoming them. "Success is like pregnancy, everybody comes to rejoice with you when you've been delivered of the baby, but nobody knows how many times you were fucked, battered and tormented before you got there".

Saturday, 4 April 2015

How To Revolutionize Yourself.

Revolution comes through the desire to effect changes, and the need to make life more conducive to live in. It is borne out of the zeal to put things in proper perspectives and bring about positive changes. Wherever, revolution takes place, the result is usually some positive changes that will make things better. Hence, self-revolution is borne out of the burning desire and passion to change from your negative lifestyles, attitudes and habits to the positive ones, that will make you feel happy and fulfilled in life. Without the passion, zest and enthusiasm for change, self revolution cannot take place in your life. You must be tired of your present deplorable state of life, and come to the realization that you actually need a change in your life, before you can revolutionize yourself. This is the first step you need to take for self revolution to occur in your life. Desire a change in your life. Now, lets consider the processes involved in revolutionizing yourelf .First, you must take stock of every aspect of your life, and discover areas where you obviously need a change. Remember, this stock taking process must be whole, and must spread through all aspects of your life, physically, emotionally, psychologically, sexually, in your relationship with people, in your career, academically and in terms of achieving your dreams, you need to discover what always hold you back from achieving your desires. Take stock of your life, discover the appalling attitudes, bad habits misdemeanours, inordinate lifestyles, underdeveloped emotions, lack of self-esteem, poor interpersonal relationships and everything that makes life very uninteresting to you, hinders you from adding value to life, and inimical to others around you. The second point is that, you must come to the conscious realization of the emptiness of your life. You must realize how empty and worthless your life has been with all the negativities that surrounds it. Reflect on your past and compare it with the present, is it really worth it? Has it taken you forward and closer to achieving your dreams? Or has it taken you backwards or kept you stagnant? You need to realize your past and present state of life and ask yourself if it is really the kind of life you want to live. Also ask yourself, if what you're doing presently or your present life's condition, with all the bad habits and underdevelopments, is capable of taking you to your desired destination of living a fulfilled and happy life. Because, whatever you're doing today, will definitely determine what and where you'll be tomorrow. You must make conscious effort to realize how empty and worthless your life has been all the while, which will propel the desire for change in you. Revolution comes as a result of necessity and the need for change. And until you realize that the present state of things in your life is unacceptable and far from being the best for you, you can never change things, and you'll remain the same. After you've realized and recognized how worthless your life has been, and you have the desire to break free from all those hindrances to your success, then, it is time to take practical action steps to revolutionize, re-discover and re-invent yourself. Desire without action cannot produce any result. Your desire for self revolution must be backed up by decision and determination. You must follow the 4 D's of success to able to achieve your desire for self revolution. Desire, Decision, Determination and Diligence are the 4 D's of success. Desire is the first step, which you already have. It is decision and determination that will propel and motivate you to take action, while diligence will produce the result. You must take some action steps to achieve your desire of revolutionizing yourself and effect positive changes in your life. No one will do it for you, you alone must desire it, decide, be determined and diligently follow it through. Hence, this blog is intended to help you achieve your desire for self revolution and live a life that will add value to the world. Always come back to read new posts on this blog as it is updated frequently, touching every aspects of life that affects you.

Friday, 3 April 2015

The Meaning Of Self Revolution.

Revolution takes place in every facets of life and human endeavour. Like the industrial revolution which saw the emergence and the development of the industrial and energy sectors in the 70's and early 80's. This revolution in the industrial sector made the accessibilty of energy very easy in the world, eventhough, the world's energy reserve is dwindling today, coupled with some inherent challenges of climate change and global confronting the entire globe. These challenges had forced different countries of the world to begin to look into alternative sources of energy, develop new sources of energy, especially the renewable energy. However, it was the industrial revolution that gave rise to the discovery of various sources of energy and made energy easily accessible. Similarly, after the industrial revolution, came the technological revolution in the early 90's until today. The technological revolution consequently gave birth to what we call the ICT age and the internet today. It is also the basis for technological development and advancement in the world. And more recently, is the Social media revolution, which is also a product of the technological revolution. It is undoubtedly obvious that the social media revolution has indeed changed and revolutionized the way business is done online, and made connection with anyone in any part of the world easier. As you can see, revolution brings about change and facilitates development wherever it is effected. Hence, Self revolution like every other revolution is intended to bring about positive change and also enhance self development and improvement in any area of life. However, self revolution is distinct from other types of revolution in the sense that, while other revolutions are initiated by some external forces or other people, which you may not necessarily be part of. Self revolution is a revolution initiated and effected by you alone. In this case, self revolution means self re-discovery and re-invention. It means revolutionizing your thinking, your thoughts, your character, habits, lifestyle, actions, sex life, relationship with people, career and everything that makes you a fulfilled and complete human both inwardly and outwardly. Self revolution is a process of re-discovering yourself in other to effect some changes in your lifestyle and attitude. Every human needs self revolution. Just like the industrial, technological and social media revolution, which had brought some changes in the world and improved our well-being, in terms of making life very comfortable for us. Self revolution is individualistic in nature, because it must begin with you before it can spread to others. If we all can revolutionize our lifestyle, attitudes towards ourselves and the environment, our thoughts, relationship with others, and everything that affects us and our environment, then the world will be a better place for everyone of us to live in . You need to revolutionize your thinking and thoughts towards achieving your dreams for it to be actualized, you need to revolutionize how you relate with people in other to have a better relationship, you need to also revolutionize your mind, so that you can move forward in life and break free from every negative things that has been holding you back. You need self revolution to be able to live the happy life you've always desired to live. Without self revolution, you'll probably be not able to achieve your dreams, impact positively on the lives of others and add value to life. If you desire changes in your lifestyle, you must begin by revolutionizing yourself. Please Post Your Comment.