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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

How To Interest A Woman Rather Than Impress Her.

A lot of men think they can make a woman fall for them or be in their whims and caprices by impressing or flattering her. Sorry, Let me burst your bubbles! You can't get a woman to be at your beck and call by impressing her. When you impress a woman, you're only getting her for the short term. The problem with impressing a woman is that, you have to always think of new tricks to keep always keep her interested in you. The man who impresses a woman to woo her is a magician or must be one. Since he must always think of new tricks to keep her closer, so what happens when there are no more new tricks to make her feel impressed? But the man who "intrests" a woman is a painter. He paints beautifully that a person stares in awe. And each passing day, it remains beautiful and everyone that sees the painting, knows that it is a genuine beauty. When you interest a woman, rather than impress her, you'll get her addicted to you and you don't need to struggle to keep her close to you for a very longtime. This is because she see's you as being genuine and you also make her feel moderately happy and complete. Now, how do you interest a woman? You can interest a woman by "being yourself" don't fake who you are. You can interest her in the way you talk to her. "Say the right things to her at the right time". "Listen to her when she speaks". "Let her learn new things that can improve her personal, spiritual, academic and career life from you". "Lookout for something special about her to compliment her for". Rather than compliment her on her beauty, which she knows already because she gets a lot of such compliments from different men. You can compliment her on her outfit, her makeup, hairdo, her shoes or the way she talks. She'll appreciate these compliments more, rather than the ones she's used to. The bottomline is to, prove to her that you're different from other men. To interest a woman, always be genuine and be your real self. Endeavour to be the best person you can be to her. "It pays more to interest a woman rather than impress her".

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