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Sunday, 11 October 2015

How To Naturally Last 5 Minute Longer During Sex As A Man.

Are you tired of your partner always complain about your quick ejaculation whenever you make love to her as a man? Or you probably feel depressed and ashamed of yourself whenever it comes to having sex with your partner because of your inability to last five minute longer and give her that needed satisfaction and excitement? You don't need to feel discouraged and depressed because a lot of men also suffers from quick ejaculation, but you need to get the right knowledge and apply it to get out of that situation. Sex is meant to be enjoyed by both partners, but a situation where one partner always complains of not enjoying it because of quick ejaculation, it definitely will threaten the survival of the relationship or possibly lead to infidelity if it eventually continues. Studies have shown that women takes a longer time to reach orgasm than men, hence you need to last a little bit more longer on bed as a man to make her have the least sexual excitement and satisfaction. However, some women orgasms very easily, and this entails understanding the physiology of the woman's body and being able to pinpoint what makes her easily reach her sexual pinnacle. Satisfying a woman sexually, does not necessarily mean she must always orgasm everytime you have sex. It means making her enjoy every moment you spend on bed with her each time you have sex. And this cannot happen if you find it difficult to last extra five minutes while having sex with her. Women enjoys sex more when you last longer on bed with them, the more you go in and out for a longer time, the more you build up their excitement until they eventually climax. This is why a whole lot of women cheats on their partner and some will prefer a man who satisfies them sexually, despite how good looking, rich or famous you are. When it comes to sex, women needs the best of sexually active men to satisfy their sexual urge. A healthy and sexually active man is expected to last an average of about 10-15 minutes during every sexual intercourse. But it is very appaling that a lot of men do not even go past 5minutes before ejaculation. If you're one of such men, please take this post very seriously and begin to observe the recommendations i'm going to give, so that you can overcome quick ejaculation. Do you want to conquer premature ejaculation and last that extra five minutes longer during sexual intercourse? If you answered 'YES' to this question, then read on to discover natural remedies you can apply to make that happen. Without being oblivious of the fact that a lot of people have recommended various tips and remedies to premature ejaculation, and some have also proposed various herbs and substances you can take to last longer whenever you want to have sex. Some of them probably worked, and some did not. One important fact you must understand is that any prescription on how to remedy the challenge of quick ejaculation that does not follow some natural rules will never give you a final solution, such recommendations is only for the interim. Which means you must always go back to taking those substances each time you want to have sex. Sometimes, these substances have after effects if addicted to. From my studies and observations, i discovered that quick or premature ejaculation is more or less as a result of the state of your mind and your emotions prior to the real sexual intercourse. It is not biological or natural that you easily ejaculate during sex with your partner. It has to do with your emotions before the act. Hence you need to have a fully developed emotions in order to make your sex life worthwhile. If you always feel very anxious, unduly perturbed or jittery i.e sexual anxiety some minutes before the actual sexual intercourse, then quick ejaculation is inevitable. If you also always allow the sexual imaginations, feeling and emotions to innundate all your thoughts or you get too excited before or during the act, then you'll orgasm very easily because all your emotions are attached. The remedy for these, is to learn to always discipline and control your emotions, have an open mind and avoid getting too excited either before or during love making. Another way you can overcome quick ejaculation is to have sex frequently with your partner in other to reduce the over-excitement each time you want to engage in it. Having sex frequently will make you last longer on bed. The more sex you have, the longer you'll last as your emotions will be adjusting to it. This makes you always be in control and in charge, and decide when you want to ejaculate. Rather than your emotions always dictating when you're to orgasm, until you begin to be in charge during sex and not allow your emotions to control you, you'll always find it difficult lasting 5 minutes longer on bed. Different people have diverse opinions about masturbation and some are averse to it. Regular masturbation is bad, but masturbating the right way, holding on when you're about to orgasm can delay ejaculation.

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