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Friday, 1 December 2017

How To Overcome Anger.

Every human being has the propensity towards anger. Infact, there's no
one without an iota of anger especially when we encounter some
unfavourable situations in life. Anger is natural in humans because of
the hormone called adrenalin which is produced by the adrenal glands
in our body. However, anger is a major problem in some people because
they find if very difficult to control it. It has become a major
weakness in some people, and has undoubtedly affected their
relationship with others. Uncontrolled anger can be very devastating
because, at the point you're angery, you're no longer in control of
your actions, you'll be acting based on your emotions. You need to
learn how to control anger and probably, overcome the tendency to get
angry. The first step to overcome anger is to, be very conscious of
your mood. Watch your mood very carefully, at the point you noticed a
particular situation wants to make you feel bad, sit down and take 3
deep breathe in and out. Don't rush into taking actions, ask yourself
certain questions like, does this challenge worth my angry reaction?
And before you know it, that anger would had waned and you'd discover
that there's no point being angry in the first place. When you do this
anytime there's a tendency to get angry, you'll gradually be on your
way to overcoming anger.

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