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Saturday, 2 December 2017

How To Overcome Fear.

There is a natural tendency in every human to become anxious and
fearful, particularly when confronted with an unpleasant situation.
There are different kinds of fear, and a lot of people fear different
things, which is like a phobia, that is the fear of a particular
thing. Fear comes from diverse sources. Some people becomes fearful
when they're jittery about the future, which is fear of the unknown,
some have phobia for other things they can see around them. Some fear
falling from height, some have phobia for large volume of water, some
have phobia for different things. There is another kind of fear
created by satan himself in the mind of people. That is the fear of
God, when we go against his will like Adam and Eve in the garden of
Eden. But this isn't the kind of fear i'm talking about, as it can
only be overcomed when we always in right standing with God. But in
this post, i'm talking about fear of the unknown and phobia for the
things we see but are yet to experience them. A lot of people have
allowed fear of the future and phobia for different things to hold
them back from succeeding in life. Fear is like a mirage, something
that looks like it's there but when you go closer, you discover it's
not, and the more closer you go, the farther it gets from you, that is
fear. 'FEAR' means;false experiences appearing real. Fear are false
experiences that appears to be real, but they are definitely not real.
The only anti-dote to overcome fear, is to become to confront that
thing you're afraid of. If you've got phobia for height, try climbing
a storey building, you can start with one storey, increase it to two,
then three and so on, before you'd realize it the fear of height will
leave you. If you're afraid of the future, the only way to overcome
it, is to get out there and start facing your future. Always endeavour
to confront that thing you fear, don't allow it to confront you first,
face it, and the fear will vanish. Another way to conquer fear is to
free your mind from all worries and anxiety. Have a clean mind, always
do the right things and be conscious of your mood. Your fears are not
real but you make them appear real when you don't confront them.

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